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Thursday 14 July 2022

Hi Guys, I am back with all your Summer essentials with Nivea, When we think summer skincare, I don't know you but personally, for me, it's mostly protection and hydration. Today I come to you with not 1 but 4 products that you should definitely add to your shopping basket for the ultimate sun protection.

1st one on the menu and that I personally think you should actually wear all year round and not just during vacation season its the Shine Control 50+ 4 STARS UVA/ UVB face cream. This product has been specially formulated for your face and neck and by that I mean it is not greasy, won't leave those nasty white marks, leave your skin hydrated, matt ook and most of all protects against premature skin aging, immediate & ultra Spectrum protection. So what is not to like? This product has already been in my skincare for days and has become my perfect daily protection. 

Next on the menu and as important, is the body lotion 50+ 5 stars UVA protection and its mini travel size (altho this product is at 30+ UV / UVB no stars). As important as your face and to avoid sunburn and rapid aging of your skin those two products shall definitely be on our menu for any skin bits showing during hot weather. Both products are Water Resistant ( you can for sure enjoy all the water sports and all the swimming pol splashing) and as important or not the most important those products respect the oceans and won't leave nasty chemicals damaging sea life. Add those two to your list, you know you want them.

Last but certainly not least problem comes when temperature rise it's our sweat glands seems to overwork extra and this lead to body odors. Nothing is worst than being sweaty smelling so Nivea came up with the perfect antiperspirant spray for you, not only is its white marks free for your black or white clothes, and it's their strongest ever anti-persistent protection. Definitely what we all need! 

Nivea gave me an exclusive code to share with my followers for 20%off of all their NIVEAOnline shops. The code is: SUMMERTIME20


Thanks for reading.


              *Items in this post were gifted for my review. All opinions are forever my own*

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