Minori - Italian Holiday part I

Wednesday 25 January 2023 Banbury, UK

What more is to enjoy than going for a late summer holiday ( Oct 2022) to the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy. This is what exactly my husband, daughter, and I did. Suitcase at the ready we flew to Naples there a minibus took us to the most beautiful coast I have seen in my life so far! This added more to the delight when we finally arrived at Minori the cutest little Italian seaside town. 


As we arrived at Minori the first thing was to locate our Hotel which in all honestly was not hard to find. The hotel we stayed at was the Villa Romana Hotel & SPA a 4 stars hotel right in the middle of the main high street and only 3 minute walk to the beach.
 The hotel staff was very welcoming and the hotel was more beautiful than I anticipated. Our room was extremely comfortable, clean, and with a touch of luxury that we enjoyed very much.  Our room was very comfortable with all the amenities that you would expect in a 4 stars hotel along with a mini bar, room service, etc. we also had our own large balcony which we often used especially in the evening while sipping cocktails.

We decided to go half board so buffet breakfast and 3-course meal in the evening.  One thing that I will surely never forget about this hotel is the amazing staff and the food! As a food lover, this hotel shows us in many imaginable ways how amazing the Italian food is, not like I doubt of course but as it was my first trip to Italy I didn't know what to expect? Well, let me tell you every dishes we ate at this lovely restaurant was amazing. Just for this I highly recommend this hotel and make sure to stay half board or full board to try all their delicious meals, also let's remember that not once we ate the same things, each day was different and each day was a gustative delight.

I will describe Minori as a sleepy little town that wakes up in the evening with many restaurants (with always outdoor sitting) or bar and a beach walk that always get busy at night with all the Italian ( and a few tourists like us) wearing their best outfit and just hanging out. Everybody is here from the family with running children to the grandparents to the Minori Youth and a few brave souls enjoying a last dip in the sea. We always enjoyed that time. Go for that beach walk and halfway through sit outside at one of the bars and enjoy a few colorful drinks with all the munchies that come with it for free, like tapas but the Italian way with big olives, sundried tomatoes on bread, rosemary crips, etc and we would easily spend a few hours people watch and taking all in from the warm sea air to the sunset that was always beautiful to capture. 

But Minori has more to offer than just a beach walk and bars and restaurants, if you're in the area or staying at one of the hotels in Minori I highly recommend the Lemon Trail walk. This trail walk used to be the path back before the Almafi coast road was built to join both beach towns:  Minori to Maiori. We did the trail and took us over one hour let's not forget we had 5 years old with us but if you are child-free and use to long walk you probably could do that trail for less than one hour. But be warm the trail has lots of steps so gear up with your best shoes and light clothes, a bottle of water, and snacks. But I promise you that you'll never forget that trail as the view is just breathtaking and along the way, you will probably meet many 4 legs, local habitant, from lots of adorable kitties that may follow you halfway but also all sorts of lizards. And as you probably guessed the trail is full of lemon trees, but be warned those are not trees growing wild so do not pick up any lemons as a lot of people in the region still live from selling those lemons to markets or food producers. 

One of the local restaurants that highly recommend but mostly for their famous dessert is Sal De Riso. A very known place among Italian, and we tried it more than once let's say e have not been disappointed, excellent service, amazing tasting dessert, and hot drinks. Highly recommend, if you are in the area to stop by Sal De Riso.

Another place to visit apart lost yourself within the small town paths and the local cathedral Baiscala di Santa Trofimena is to visit the well preserved roman ruin: Villa Romana e Antiquarium, this attraction is free and is beautiful to see how a villa from a rich local used and kept back 2000 years ago.

And do not worry Minori is very easy to access if you come from Maiori or Amalfi and the best way to go around is using boat ferries which are very well serviced all around the coast and come at every hour of the day. Minori boat service's outdoor office is located a few yards away from the pier and you cannot miss it where just like a bus service, you'll find back at home, they'll give you all the hours and destinations along with prices. It's a fun and quick way to go around and it's affordable. But if boats are not your thing then do not worry buses are also available at every hour of the day and also are affordable but I warmed you, Italian drivers are a little less cautious on the road than the rest of Europe and they absolutely LOVE the use of horns which is part of their culture! Be ready for a very chaotic and noisy ride but it's kind of part of the fun to see how Italian lives. Go for that ride it's crazy but yet had some fun on your holiday. (PS: if you suffer from car sickness I do not recommend it, the boat ride on the other hand is more peaceful) 

And with that here is my little post about Minori but do not worry I'll be back soon with another post from our adventure in Italy. I am planning a post from our experience in Pompeii, Capri, and Amalfi, so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading.


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