Pompeii and Capri - Italian holiday part II

Tuesday 25 April 2023 Banbury, UK

I am back with part 2 of our travel to Italy, if you miss part 1 find it here. This time around let me take you to Pompeii and Capri. Two destinations truly different but both as extraordinary. Altho having said that I have a soft spot for Pompeii for being even more mysterious and grand than what initially I anticipated.
 Let's start with the world-famous Capri.
 Capri is this little island in Italy's Bay of Naples Easy access from any port on the West coast of Italy and especially along the beautiful Amalfi coast. We took our ferry from Minori and two travel choice the fastest choice take you to Capri within an hour and the longest tour up to about 1hr and a half the difference its the longest tour its go around the island to show you all the beautiful site and this is 
the tour we choose and we have no regrets the experience was truly amazing. 


Capri is widely known for, obviously, the stunning scenery but also for his wealthy side from luxury brand stores such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, etc along with luxury hotels that only the wealthy can offer as a night in Capri can go to to up to £1800/ per night. This leads me to explain that Capri unless you have the fund, can be very expensive, and even a small restaurant that does not seems luxurious can leave a bitter taste when the bill comes. So be aware of Capri's high cost of living, where a latte could cost you £10! (fact)  but don't worry Capri can still be enjoyed even if you don't have the pocket of a multimillionaire. The island offers lots of stunning viewpoints that you can reach by foot or with a local cart which will cost you a few Euros and enjoy everything that Capri can offer you without spending pennies or maybe just a few euros. If you are concerned about the cost of lunch over there grab a picnic before your trip to Capri. The island offers many parks and benches with beautiful views where you could enjoy a lovely picnic while looking at a stunning sea view under lemon or Olive trees.
 Capri is indeed absolutely stunning and I am truly blessed to have put my feet on this jewel of island. If you can visit it then I strongly recommend it. It is a lifestyle opportunity. 



This 2000-year-old city saw one afternoon in late summer / early autumn smoke coming from Vesuvius. What most of Pompeii's people didn't know it was a serious warning sign of what was to come later that day in this town of traders and Marchant. On that tragic day, the Volcano; Vesuvius, was no longer dormant and decided to wake up with a bang that was heard miles around and destroy all within minutes of its explosive eruption. 
We all heard and learn the story and we all wanted to a certain degree visit this famous city with our eyes. I had the amazing opportunity to set my feet in this city which I have to admit completely blew me away. It wasn't what I was expecting, I was imagining a town where only a few remanents of the city was existing. I was very wrong. To properly visit this city it will take you literally 3 days, according to our guide tour, we only stayed a few hours and only saw a fraction of this emblematic historic city. What really blew me away it's to see miles of paved streets ( see picture below) with markings of chariots engraved forever in the stones, but also see remnants of shops, where cold brew, olives, bread, and other delicacy were sold to passers-by, to see the remain  of the house from the poor to the more fortunate, to see remain of mural painting from the cheeky 'red light district to master mansion. Everything blew me away! Everything has been restored and is still to this day in restoration, everything is surreal and absolutely mind-blowing, at some part I really thought I was living 2000 years in the past as this city was so full of history. 

If you haven't visited Pompeii I strongly recommend you do the visit at least once in your lifetime and i strongly advise to take a guided tour like we did, our guide tour lady was amazing and show us the tiniest details such as graffitis left on walls 2000years ago, etc that we would have missed if we were without her enthusiasm and knowledge, pay the extra and guide a tour guide to know all the secret of this amazing city. you won't regret it. 

'Red light' cheeky mural :

And to finish our tour, we went to also visit Vesuvius. To get there i highly recommend you get one of those bus tours as the access can be a bit difficult. Be warm that the climb on foot can be quite stiff and it will take you from 30 to 45 minutes so have the right shoes on, also no public toilets are available ( they shall really provide this basic service!!) so be warmed but apart from that once you arrive at the top of the crater be ready to be blown away. the crater is absolutely enormous in length but in deep too and to think that this crater was created by an immense explosion really blew me away. On a lucky day, you might see a few fumes coming out of the deep of the crater but on our visit day, none were to be seen. Vesuvius is, for now, dormant but is expected to wake up again at some point in our lifetime, don't worry it is under surveillance 24/7, and Naples (16 miles away from Vesuvius)  people are trained to know what to do, and react the day this beast will wake up one more time.

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