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Tuesday 20 January 2015 London, UK

Every time I go to visit my family in France , I always come back to UK with tons of bathroom products, mostly because I always get very excited about buying stuff that is not necessary available in UK but also because these products are in general 20-40 % cheaper in France than back home.
This year again I hit my local French superdrug store. I have to say this year I didn't get as much as I usually do but never the less I am still excited to show you this cute lot:

 By LE PETIT MARSEILLAIS, this brand is an institution in France. Originally they only did soap bars 'back in the days' but for many years now they have increased their product range to shampoo, shower gel and hair cream treatment.
I got x 1 shower gel which is made with essential oil and the scent is argan oil with orange tree flower. Also from the same range I got a shampoo and the mask hair treatment both are in the scent of olive tree sap and acacia milk, the scent is divine and I am looking forward to trying these products.

By DOP I got a simple shower gel but wait until you know what the scent is. It is from a pastry very popular in France called Madeleine. Not too sure how to describe it but this soft biscuit is quite sweet and very buttery so you get the idea it's very yummy ! All I want its to do is eat that shower gel but not sure my stomach will agree with it. Also this shower gel is made up of one quarter moisturising cream to leave your skin very moist and soft.

By NIVEA I didn't get as excited as I usually do with this brand as this year I didn't find anything new , nevertheless I got a big hydrating cream bottle for dry skin and along with a similar product which is to use after your shower gel & you rinse it away but apparently it leaves your skin soft and moisturised.  I was intrigued by it so I am looking forward to give it a go.

By LABELL I got a gentle face scrub, I really like the cute packaging , the colour and the sherry scent. I have I never tried that brand before so we shall see.

By L'OREAL I got a make up remover which is perfume free.

Last but not least , I got a COTTAGE  shower gel, I heard of it many times, especially on some youTube channels, I am not too sure if this brand is available in UK, despite the brand name, but it is widely available in France.
The scent is toffee, basically I just want to eat it ! :)

If you're going to France soon or anytime I suggest you pile up on similar type of products. They are usually much cheaper than in UK and they are genuinely all good products.

Which one would you like to try ?

Marie xxx

All link products are below:

Le Petit Marseillais click here .
DOP click here .
NIVEA click here and here.
LABELL click here.
L'OREAL click here.
COTTAGE click here.

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