Nicka K New York Blush review

Saturday 24 January 2015 London, UK

Let me introduce you to Nicka K New York Blush because I am really enjoying this product & secondly many of you asked me for a review so I thought; why not?

First of all I got this blush in my January Glossybox. I have to say this product appeals to me straight away because of it's unusual packaging, the round little pot, colour etc.
I started using it pretty much straight away and let me tell you that since then this blush hasn't left my everyday make up bag, which says it all!
This blush, as per the pictures, comes in 3 parts. The bottom part with the loose powder then the poof applicator (which can come loose from the bottom part) and finally the top lid which also has an inserted handy little mirror.

At first I wasn't too sure why the bottom part would come loose from the poof applicator but I guess it you want to re-fill it (with a different product) or if you want to use your own personal brush instead of the poof applicator, then you have the option, which is a really good idea.

The powder is extremely light and if you're not too careful when opening it you'll find yourself covered in powder, but I don't think its a problem it's just the nature of this product. The powder does not smell of anything which once again in my opinion is not a problem whatsoever. I don't necessary want my blusher to be perfumed anyway.

The poof applicator works perfectly well. The powder is released though a tiny little hole in the middle of it. The poof is very soft and works wonders on my skin. When you apply it you do have to be very gentle and slowly build up the colour as you wish. If you're too rough with it you'll find yourself looking like a tomato!

Also this blush stays on all day long! So far I have never had to do any re-touching. 
I think this product is very good quality, the packaging is well produced and also at $9.99 this item won't break the bank. It comes in 6 different shades, mine is called Romantic and I'll describe it as a dusty pink colour.

If you would like to purchase this item please click here.

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