January My little Box

Wednesday 28 January 2015 London, UK

This month's My Little Box is all about energy, sport, being active etc. I guess that's what most New Year's resolutions are about aren't they? So this theme fits perfectly the January mood of pretty much everybody well .... *cough cough* not really including me as I am just plain lazy :)

Here is what I got, in a yet again very well put together box:

We'll start with the 3 beauty products. As per usual they were all packaged in a cute My Little Box pouch.

The 1st is a TALIKA's photo-Hydra Day cream which I was the most excited about. For some reason I always LOVE getting a day cream regardless the label. Let's say I am easily pleased. I have heard about this brand but never tried any of their products.
I just started using it and so far I can't say I am loving it but I can't say I don't either. If you want to have a review about this product please leave me a comment below and I shall do one in the next few weeks.
Please click here for more detail of this product.
Price: £43.50 for 50ml. I got a sample size product at 30ml.

Then I also got a nail polish from the brand NAILS INC. I always love getting nail polish also I know that brand very well (who doesn't?) and I always like it. I got the shade Tate. Its a Bordeaux colour with a hint of red, well that's the way I would describe it.  This nail polish will join my never ending nail polish collection (not complaining) and I will probably try it in the coming days.
Cick here for more info on this product.
price £11 for full size.

Last but not least I got an energising face and body mist by My Little Box own beauty range; My Little Beauty.
This product got the signature packaging of all My Little Beauty range which I always find quiet cute. This mist is enriched with vitamin C and green tea!!! It smells really fresh, energising and is supposed to wake up your skin if you're a bit tired or in a rush in the morning  I have never really been into mist but I'll surely give it a go.
I got a full size product that usually costs £7.50 and can be found here.
That's all for the my little beauty pouch but I also got this month a very handy sports bag and a well designed calendar designed by kanako.

Overall I really like this month's box. It's perhaps not my favourite of all time (click here for link of my favourite box post on my blog) but I still do think My Little box is by far the best subscription out there.

What's your favourite beauty box?

If you want to subscribe to My Little Box UK here is the link:

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