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Tuesday 9 June 2015 London, UK

For the past few weeks I have been using The Aqua Boost Sorbet by The Body Shop I'll be honest with you I have never bought a face cream by Body Shop. I usually get from their store; body spray, body butter or hand cream so this was a break from the norm.
I am not sure where to start because I am so excited to introduce you to this product. First thing first,
what appealed to me first was the name 'Aqua Boost Sorbet'! Right now my skin is craving for hydration and nothing seems to help rehydrate, even drinking my daily quota of a litre and a half of water. So seeing this mentioned attracted me like a magnet to a fridge :)  
Secondly what appealed to me is this little pot is filled with Vitamin E. So to recap: Full of Aqua boosting and Vitamin E! Where do I sign?

I have been using this facial cream for some weeks now and I have to admit it has been a pleasure. 

First of all the texture is very light, almost like a serum but much lighter. It does not leave any residue, penetrates very quickly, has a nice cooling effect too and most of all does not leave a sticky texture which I often find on similar products and that I honestly rather dislike. Ooh and I almost forgot to mention but the cream itself has a very silky touch something that I've never come across before and that I totally love.

What about hydration? I won't say my facial skin looks more hydrated than the usual but it does give me the hydration needed throughout the day so I will say that this product is delivering.

What about the scent? I am not very good at describing scent and this product contains very little perfume which in my opinion is very good. but I will describe the perfume as a light rose petal, perhaps with a touch of peach scent. Overall it is not my favourite scent but it didn't stop me purchasing it.

What does this product contain? Shea butter, Germ oil and Soja oil. Which are awesome ingreadients as we all know but they are not the only ones as the list is rather long but if you would like to know more please click here.

Will I purchase Aqua Boost Sorbet again? Yes 

Any cons? I thought for a while about any cons and to be honest I couldn't find any, apart perhaps the price. This pot cost £12 for 50 ml and this might put off some of you but I personally think it is not overly expensive as it is a great quality product. In the past I have purchased facial cream as expensive or even more from luxury brands and which I was totally disappointed with so Aqua Boost Sorbet is a beautiful high street product that could put shame some other 'luxury' brands out there.

My overall opinion, if you haven't guessed it already, is very positive, I am LOVING this product and I do not regret purchasing it and it even gives me better confidence on trying other Body Shop facial cream in the future or perhaps trying something else in the same range.

What are your thoughts about the Aqua Boost Sorbet by The Body Shop? Have you tried this product already or any others from the same range? Tell me all by commenting below. Thanks


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