Lavender & Tea Tree face lotion with AA Skincare

Monday 28 September 2015 London, UK

As you may know, I do try to use more natural, organic and paraben free products as I can. I do feel in the long term it will be more beneficial for my skin but also for the environment. Lately, AA Skincarewhich is a brand specialised in aromatherapy & natural skincare, offered me another product from their lovely collection to try and this product is their Lavender &Tea Tree moisturising face lotion (follow this link to see my previous review on the AA Skincare seaweed & aloe refreshing eye gel review) so I was rather excited to try it and report back.

This Lavender & Tea Tree face lotion comes in a 100ml bottle. The first thing that pleasantly strikes me first is the scent. As per the title, it is lavender & Tea Tree, two ingredients that smell divine and also come with benefits; the lavender for the soothing effect and the Tea Tree for the antibacterial effect.
The scent is at first rather strong and refreshing which did not annoy me at all as who doesn't like lavender and Tea tree. Having said that I do feel that the Lavender is more present than the Tea tree but never the less it's still a lovely scent to apply. The scent does fade away after a good 20 minutes which once again it is not something that annoys me, I do like a face lotion to smell nice but I don't necessary want the scent to remain all day long.
The product itself is very light in consistency, it is very easy to apply and sinks into my skin very quickly. It doesn't leave any stickiness or residue and most of all it moisturises my skin perfectly. My face felt moisturised, smooth and smelling nice so what more can I ask? I personally used this lotion mostly as part of my night routine mostly because of the lavender scent give a nice refreshing and soothing feeling but whatever you prefer this lotion would be as lovely to use in the morning as in the evening. One thing that I would like to mention again is the ingredients used. AA Skincare are specialists in using as much natural ingredients in their products as possible but without the high price tag, which is also something that is rather important for me. This lotion comes at a price of £6.96 for 100 ml which I strongly believe is good value for a product that uses natural ingredients. 
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*This post contains PR samples. This does not affect my opinion of the products.

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