The Crystal Palace Market

Sunday 20 September 2015 Crystal Palace, London SE19, UK

Just over a month ago my boyfriend and I moved near Crystal Palace we didn't know that area before moving (apart Crystal Palace Park and their famous Victorian dinosaurs) so after few weeks of unpacking and mostly get our new place looking less than a camping site and more like a home we decided it was rather a time to discover our local area and by that I mean trying new cafés, markets, quirky shops ...and, of course, surrounding parks and nature. During one of these days we came across Crystal Palace Palace Market we were intrigued by this rather large shop. One part of the building is a fishmonger, then another part a butcher and the larger part is a coffee shop and restaurant area. So we decided to give it a go by having a hot drink and yummy snacks to go with which, by the way, were really yummy.
I really like the concept of mixing food market and an eating area but instead of being outdoor this market is indoor. Also I found out that most of their products sale, in both shops and served in the eating area, are mostly locally sourced something that I always strongly believe was the right things to do even if it cost a bit more.
So overall I really enjoyed spending sometimes with my boyfriend in this quirky caffé We haven't tried any other delicacy from the restaurant but we'll definitely in the coming weeks.


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