Essie nail polish mini haul

Sunday 13 September 2015 London, UK

I know you are going to think that I live on another planet but I have actually never tried or bought Essie nail polishes before so when Boots was doing an offer on them, I just went for it by buying not 1, not 2 but 3 Essie nail polishes. The ones I chose were: Status Update, Cute as a Button & Muchi Muchi. I decided to choose colours that I always feel confident with wearing apart from one: Muchi Muchi, which is a very pale pink. Usually I don't go for pale colours because I always get disappointed with them. I have tried many other brands before and they often leave brush strokes regardless the amount of layers I put on or it just looks like I use wall paint on my nails. Yes the DIY look not recommended by Vogue magazine (last time I checked) so I usually ignore the very light shades and go for pop or darker colours. But for some reason I wanted to give Essie's lighter shade a try.
Well I tried it and already on my fist layer I realised that the effect wasn't what I usually get, it was just perfect no silly brush strokes just a light, pretty and very delicate shade. I am in love!




Muchi Muchi gives me the confidence to get more lighter colours form the Essie collection, perhaps I may even go for the Pearly White or Allure. As for Cute as a Button and Status Symbol, well they are cute too! Cute as a Button is a hot pink which, if you know me, is the type of colour I often go for as you cannot get it wrong with a bright colour. Status Symbol is a lovely coral colour, yet again a bright pop colour that I also will love to wear.
What is your Essie ultimate favourite colours? Tell me all by commenting below.


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