Cowshed Wild Cow Body Lotion

Thursday 17 December 2015 London, UK

Let me introduce you to Cowshed Wild Cow my current favourite body lotion. The first time I discovered this brand was when I got a medium size product in My Little Box back when I was subscribed over a year ago, actually it was in the special Fleur de Force box probably my favourite box that I ever received from this brand.

What I like about this lotion is two things actually. Firstly the scent! Shall we talk about it because right now I want to put my face in it that's how beautiful it is but I won't do it because that would be weird, but mind you it's my birthday today so maybe I could? It's a mix of essential oil or lemongrass, ginger and rosemary! I know it sounds like a weird combination but I honestly love it. Its fresh, energising and just plain beautiful. The second things is that it is a really good moisturising lotion I can't think of any other way to say it really! It is not too thick or too liquid just right and yes it does moisturise very well ...really it does. It left my skin beautifully scented and soft as a baby's bottom. Yeap literally!
I have noticed Cowshed products seems to become more and more popular lately and they can easily be found at M&S, John Lewis or at the Cowshed shop or online store. If you honestly do not know this brand I suggest you try it.
Have you tried any Cowshed product before? Please tell me all by commenting below. 
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