The past few weeks #2

Sunday 13 December 2015 London, UK

Here is a look back at last few weeks or shall I say months on Instagram. Its been a mix of sea side holiday, blogger events, time at home (a lot), Taste of London, countryside weekend breaks & meeting Anna from Vivianna Does Make Up and Lily Pebbles. Not necessary in that order but almost! 
I have been rather lucky the past two months, I got to go to the Bare Mineral Christmas range launch and I was also invited to the Taste of London Winter edition. Basically it's been a good blogger time for me, meeting old and new bloggers, meeting literally two of my favourite bloggers, meeting Howard from the Bake off  at the Free Range Blogger launch and enjoying a lot of yummy foods & tasty cocktails, what more to ask?

Also I spent a lot of time at home, the reason is that I lost my job about two months ago and I have to admit I haven't been very lucky on finding a new one but I am very positive to find a new one early next year.
As well as that I also enjoyed a small break by the sea side and a countryside weekend away so lots of relaxing and opportunities for photographing. 
What I learned these last few months is that when I lost my job I was very upset, I am not going to lie and I spent the first week at home crying and have the feeling that I was a big failure and just feeling very sorry for myself but I learned that there are more important things in life than worrying about a job. I am lucky enough to live in London where there are lots of opportunities so I will eventually be working again and also I am very lucky to be surrounded by people that believe in me and keep telling me not too worry especially my loving boyfriend. So in the meantime I shall really enjoy all that free time to blog, do some photography and believe in me again. 
What is happening in the upcoming weeks? Well I am going to a weekend spa at the Chilworth Manor hotel, so I am very excited to use their spa and especially go swimming (I love swimming!) also I am looking forward to a facial that I have booked and spend time with my boyfriend. Also on the 17th of December it's my birthday following by the 19th of December the new Star Wars The Force Awakens movie! Yes I am a big nerd and my boyfriend and I already booked our Imax tickets and I am literally counting days! And finally Christmas is coming rather fast so this is also a very exciting time, actually it's my favourite month of the year. I love December, I wish it was December all year round.

What about you ? What have been your highlight of the past few weeks?

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