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Sunday 6 December 2015 London, UK

Did I just discover my all time favourite foundation? Well so far I have and if you haven't guessed it already; it's the L'Oréal Infallible 24H-Matte foundation. I bough it on my last Boots beauty haul a few weeks ago, which by the way if you haven't seen my Boots haul post then it's this way. I'll be honest with you I pretty much chose that foundation because it was slightly cheaper than the other foundations on the L'Oréal counter but also I did like the chic packaging a lot which is slightly different from the glass bottle with push pump that I am more use to. 
What is my first impression of the L'Oréal infallible foundation? Well it has to be the texture, at best I would describe it as a powder light texture but in a foundation form if that makes sense?
What about the foundation itself? It is definitely not heavy, oily or sticky for that matter, it is a really light powder foundation which I have to admit I have never come across before. I totally fell in love with it, do you know any other brands that have a similar formula? If so please leave me a comment.
 How do I apply it? I usually apply it directly with my beauty blender. I haven't tried it directly with my hand or a brush but I love my beauty blender so much so why should I change a winning combination, right?
What are my thoughts after a whole days wear? Well perfect. Honestly this foundation is so light that I barely noticed I am wearing it. Also the texture did not change throughout the day, it stayed light, matt and still very silky to the touch. I do think this foundation will be very good for spring / summer because of the light texture but its still very pleasant to use even during colder seasons. Also if you have a dry skin combination like me it is very good and not oily at all. Also I should mention that it didn't make my skin dry which is very interesting.
What about the packaging? I think overall the packaging is pretty chic. It is also a different packaging style for a L'Oreal product. I have to admit it is very similar of the MatchBox packaging but never the less I still think it's really nice. It is also light to carry, easy to take with you on a break away or in your hand bag.
How many shades are available? According to the L'Oréal web site there is 6 shades available, mine is the No12 Natural Rose, which I have to admits suits me perfectly.
Will I buy it again and recommend this product? Yes and yes! For all the reasons mentioned above and also it is a very affordable product at £7.99 I think you can't go wrong.

Have you tried this Infallible foundation before? Tell me all by commenting below.

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