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Sunday 27 March 2016 London, UK

Yeeesss it's Easter!! Time for a well deserve break and celebration especially after the dreary last few months and it also means that Spring is here and Summer is not far ahead either *hands up in the air* woopwoop! I cannot wait to eat my weight in chocolate! (I will probably regret it but somehow but I know it will be worth it) and have everything in between that is as just as nice: family time, sofa hangover after tons of foods, DVD watching, countryside walks, large amount tea etc. you name it I'll be there! Among another things that I love about Easter I like looking at all the Easter home ware that is around too. So here a little selection that just screams Easter & Spring but yet can still be kept all year around in your home.

1-Adeco Round Yellow Iron Table - I can just see this cute table going perfectly in my living room, a bit of colour but not overload, just right. A pile of books along with a cute mini cacti on top of it and Voila!! 

2-Rubbie The Spotty Ceramic Elephant by Habitat - Where shall I start? Its an elephant that has spots and it is just the most adorable ceramic decoration ever! I know where to go on my next shopping spree.

3-Design55 Heico Bunny Rabbit Lamp - Well it cannot be Easter without me including a rabbit somewhere and its just as well I chose this utterly cute Rabbit Lamp. If I had a dressing table this is where it will go.

4-Pineapple Candle By H&M - Did I just hear pineapple candle? Oh Yes I did! This is so fresh looking and screams Blogger prop all around. H&M always seems to have the best things for all seasons and so inexpensive too. I also know what I am going to get very soon in a form of a tropical fruit candle *place wink Emoji here*.

5-Round Mirror by H&M - Again the trusty H&M, I am loving this sun shape mirror, with this it's sunny all year round! 

6-Oliver Bonas Astrid Cups - I am loving those cups! A perfect colour for a Spring touch. I think sometimes a cup of tea tastes even better if you drink it in a nice cup, don't you think so?
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