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Thursday 31 March 2016 London, UK

NYX is a brand that I have always wanted to try. I often watch YouTubers from France talking about it and as I am a curious person I really had to try it  for myself and give this brand a go. It is funny to think that I don't very often hear this brand being mentioned in UK but in France its a different story. I guess NYX is more wildly available in my country of origin. Lately I have been re-falling in love with Selfridges in Oxford Street, I mean what is not to love? The ground floor has a layout of many make-up and skincare stands such as MAC, Charlotte Tilbury, Chanel, Clinique and the list goes one and on so basically its the beauty blogger heaven. So when I came across the rather modest NYX stand I have to admit I got quite excited especially looking at their Soft Matte Lip Cream. 

Right now I am all about matt lipstick (something I would never thought I'd say few months ago) so it's with delight that I got to try most of them before deciding to take home these two gorgeous shades in the Soft Matte Lip Cream collection: Copenhagen & San Paulo.
What colours are they? San Paulo is a beautiful nude colour with a pop of fuchsia. I do like nudes but they do not suit me if they have too much of a beige/brown tone so I always make sure they come with a touch of pink or fuschia which looks better with my complexion. I totally love this colour, I found it rather fresh and almost spring like which is just perfect for this time of year. The other shade is Copenhagen, this one is a darker shade that I would describe as a dark cherry which I am totally obsessed with. I know Spring is here and dark shades should be packed away until autumn but nope, not for me, I love them and wear them almost all year round, because why not.
How is the consistency? They remind me a lot of the velvet Bourjois which is pretty much the exact same texture: very silky and creamy at the same time.
How is the application? The application is just lovely and I noticed that I don't need to apply it many times, I get the colour I like in one or two applications this is honestly enough even for Copenhagen which is the much darker shade.
Are they really matte? yes they are, when I first apply them they feel a bit wet on the lips but give it few minutes and the wet feeling dries out and your are left with gorgeous matte coloured lips.
Do they last? To my surprise yes they do, perhaps not all day long but definitely for couple of hours, which is good enough for me and I really don't mind re-applying it as its kind of the joy of make up too in my opinion.        (well I don't mind for a lippy)
Do they feel dry on your lips? Funnily enough I was ready to feel the 'dry' sensation on my lips because after all they are a matte product but to my surprise they actually don't! I guess it must be that slight creamy consistency that perhaps helps? who knows? 
Would I recommend this product? Yes and yes, honestly for the price and the gorgeous colours I don't see anything negative to say about this collection.
Would I purchase them again? Yes for all the obvious reasons above the only thing is that at the Selfridge stand the colour selection wasn't huge but probably its due to the fact that their counter was rather modest. If you know a place in London with a larger choice please drop a comment below for me, thanks.
Do you own any NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream? Tell me all below. 
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