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Friday 25 March 2016 London, UK

Lately, I've noticed that I've been a bit crazy about crayons. Crayons in all form and colours, for my lips, my eyebrows, name it! I guess it might be a phase but also it might be that they are everywhere and are attracting me like bees to nectar. And yes I found myself in the space of literally few days accumulating a little collection that I am hyper excited to show you. Also I have to admit I've never really been a 'crayon' kind of girl, apart from for my eyebrows, so this new direction is going a little bit outside my comfort zone, I have always been more about lipsticks and mascara than crayons.
The 1st lot are by Essence, this inexpensive brand is rather becoming more and more popular even though they are not widely available yet. I came across them quite randomly while shopping for pet supplies at Wilko (glamorous isn't it) and I was quite attracted by their large variety of Longlasting Lipliner so I did not get one, or two, but three. I purchased colours that are quite probably the type of colours I own the most in my lipstick collection. They are Plum Cake, as per the name it is a plum shade, as you know I love plum lipsticks so this was an obvious choice, the second colour is A Girl's Dream this one is more on the nude side with a dash of fuchsia, perfect for my growing nude lipstick collection (I am thinking Craving and Amorous by Mac) and finally, I certainly could not leave without at least a red crayon, and I got Ready For Red a beautiful vibrant red, perfect for my huge collection of red lipsticks, in particular my Ruby Woo by MAC and Pirate 99 by Chanel. 
Another crayon that I purchased is the Colorband by Bourjois in the shade Brun Dadaiste, This one was 'love at first sight'n I don't think I've ever own an eye-shadow in the form of a crayon but when I saw that beautiful bronze colour I had to have it. It is apparently smudge free and waterproof so basically perfect for my lid that tends to get a bit greasy. This is one to watch if it delivers, but can I just mention again the colour! I am loving it! And finally it's the Brow Drama Pomade Crayon by Maybelline.  Right this one was more a curiosity buy as it was new and it was chunky and it's for your brow. A weird combination I know but I wanted to try it as I am still trying to find that perfect crayon for my brow. Is this the one? We shall see. 


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