London Borough Market

Sunday 12 June 2016 London Bridge, London SE1, UK

Few weeks ago my family from France decided that it was well over due to pay my boyfriend and I a visit in London, let's say my family are not the most adventurous when it comes to leave their beautiful South of France, but when they do come, they come in style with a car full of yuminess from France, enough to feed an army.
Even though they brought so much food for us from sunny South of France, one thing that I really wanted my parents to experience was the London Borough Market near London Bridge. To show them the British way of food markets because honestly its amazing and well...they are food lovers so I knew they would love it.

 My family, Chris and I went to the Borough Market near London Bridge on a Wednesday morning which was probably the best decision ever as the market was not busy at all and it almost seemed we had the whole market just for ourselves, well at least for few hours until we left and it started to get fairly busy.
What I love about Borough Market its the large variety of foods all over the world, so if you fancy some Italian dishes, French cassoulet or Mexican nachos well you'll be delighted to be served amazing street food of a hight quality. Also it's not all about stands offering foods to munch on the go, but also a large variety of stands, or open like shops, offering delicacy from all over the world  as well as beautiful vegetables and fruits stands from farmers located outside London. They offered all shapes, forms and colours fruits and vegetables (I mean you got to see purple tomatoes and yellow beetroot! they are a feast for the eye and certainly a taste bud feast too!). 
So what did we bring back from the market, being French, of course- lots of cheese probably, without kidding, half a kilo of cheeses, but also organic pork sausage, dry saucisson, bacons, chorizo, hand made ginger biscuits, coffee etc.
If you're a food lover that likes quality and are not scares of experiencing different type of foods from Britain but also from all over the world then you know where to go now. My only advice is, of course, come with an empty stomach but also do go at the opening times when it is less busy, as the Borough Market, being very popular, can get very crowded especially on Saturdays. 

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  1. Great post! I wonder if this Borough market will be available in 2020. I am planning a visit to Dubai for the Dubai Food Festival 2020. But, I would love to visit London & buy some gorgeous plants from the Borough market. I will apply for a UK visa soon.


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