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Thursday 23 June 2016 London, UK

I have seen lately, and I am sure you too, a new trend in the brush alley going around and they are those oval type brushes and as you may know when I start getting more and more curious about something I have to satisfy this curiosity and get one to try it for myself. After a little search I came across Tonsee Pro Oval Brush brand which had great reviews at a very affordable price as I didn't want to break the bank for something that is still very new. So without hesitation I got the foundation Tonsee Pro Oval brush as I though it was the perfect starting point.
What are all these Pro Oval Brush? The idea behind it its that the shape of the brush is much more ergonomic to use and secondly the very fine hair are more dense than your average brush from approximately 1/3 extra to twice as many hair depending on brands and brushes.
What is my first impression? My oval brush is supposedly to be used for foundation so of course it was my first try and I'll be down to business straight away by telling you that it did nothing for me, my foundation was rather difficult to apply and to get an 'ok' coverage I spent probably double the time and double the amount of foundation that I would have done with my normal foundation brush. So the first try was not a great impression but rather a disappointing one. But if foundation does not work it doesn't mean it will not work for something else! Right? So my second try was to try a powdery highlighter I though perhaps the oval shape was more adequate to apply highlighter on my cheek bones? Wrong! My highlighter didn't seem to stick to my cheek bones and weirdly enough the brush had the effect of removing the foundation layer underneath rather than leaving a nice shimmery behind, even though I was not in any way pressing hard on my skin. This was my second disappointment! But I didn't want to get defeated so quickly so I went for a third try and this time around I decided to try my concealer as I though perhaps the fact that my usual concealer is more liquid than my foundation it would perhaps work better. And guess what? Yes, it did work! I was right, it seems that the compact hair brush was somehow more adequate to use on more liquid products than anything else. Applying my concealer was easy, the oval brush was just the perfect shape to follow the natural curve of my face under my eyes and the result was more than satisfactory so yes perhaps although this brush, which was intended for foundation, was a disappointment it was rather a lovely find for my concealer.
What about the ergonomic shape of the brush? I have to say that I do love the design of it, it just looks pretty among my other brushes and the hairs are very soft, probably the softest brush I own, the fine hairs do not fall.... but I am still struggling to get use of the way it is designed but I noticed that the more I use it the more it become easier and yes I only use it for my concealer.
Would I recommend oval brush? I would say yes but only if you're really curious as at the same time I do not think its a 'must have' in your collection and I personally think it won't make a huge impact on your already everyday make up application method. I have no intention to buy any other at the present time as I don't see it as being a necessary purchase but I do not regret purchasing mine as I got to try it, had my own opinion and I got to share with you my experience.
If you are interested about Tonsee Pro Oval Brush find all details here.

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