What I Heart In May

Saturday 4 June 2016 London, UK

Wow! I am actually doing a 'What I Heart' new post, after my first ever monthly favourite last month (find it here) I though I would struggle to find new things that I could mentioned in this month's post but to my surprise- not at all- so it's time, yet again, to bundle together everything that I love from the past 4 weeks from beauty, food, place I visited etc.:
Rouge Edition Velvet Nude-ist by Bourjois- What can I say its matt, its nude, with a light muted pink undertone, it's velvety and its just a beautiful shade and formula to wear especially that now the weather have been much warmer and trust me when I say it's been well loved this month.
Amie Deep Pore Exfoliating Polish- I discovered this brand few months ago when I was invited to the Blogger Hangout Fashion Week and got lucky enough to be gifted a large goodie bag of Amie Skincare and this particularly exfoliator has been part of my evening routine for weeks now. It cleans and leaves my skin as smooth as a baby's bottom and what I really enjoyed too its the smell of mango & orange blossom extract. This scent was made in heaven honestly try it!
Botanics hydrate and go duo- I am an early morning riser and usually by 6.45am I am out of the door so I don't really have the time to spend hours getting ready in the morning but a duo that have been loving lately its the Botanics Day lotion SPF15 Hydrating Burst and the Botanics Radiance Balm, they both are very hydrating, get absorbed by my skin in a matter of minutes and give me the protection that I need for my day, so what more to ask?! By the way, I did a review on these two products few weeks ago, find my review here
Latte sachets from food stores- Lately I am trying to ditch the 'over priced' latte from famous take away coffee places for a substitute with a fraction of the price that I can have at work, and I do think these types of latte are perhaps not as identical as take away latte but personally I do think the coffee fix with the creamy foam is still there and because of this, these type latte sachets are in my favourite this month.10 Latte sachets for around £1.90/ £2.50 a pack against one latte from a coffee shop at about £2.95 well...it's easy to do the maths.
Just A Curl In This World Blog- This blog, by Betsy's, has been a little favourite of mine lately and especially her lattest two blog posts : Life & Other Pursuits and Adventures in Sierra Leone. Bety's blog is the everyday adventure of a London girl - from discovering new world wide dishes at her local, her experience on learning crucial life skills such as dodge ball, pottery, how to make the perfect dim suit or how she learned ,one evening, how to recreate the MC Hammer -' Can't touch this'. But what I love most about her its her travelling diary experiences from the other side of the globes- discovering: the heart of an African village, or taking you in the jungle of Kerala Indian's paradise. This is not your average blog. Betsy's writing is funny (very), moving, inspiring, amazing! She's a very talented writer and because of this her blog is in my favourite this month and needs more support so I strongly suggest you check her out here and follow her on  her Bloglovin. You won't regret it!
Rick Stein's Long Weekends- I am not usually a person that have an interest in TV programs. Frankly apart few cooking shows and animal or space discovery documentaries everything else on TV deeply bores me but when I come across something that I really enjoy then I am sure to not miss it and this month have been loving Rick Stein's long Weekends. Basically Rick's embark on a food discovery delicacy weekends, by taking us to local markets, best places to eat, share his local inspiration recipes etc. What I like about this program is that he don't go to clich├ęd places that we expect such as perhaps: Paris or Venice but places maybe we don't necessary thing of going for weekend and local food. My favourite two episodes so far have been in Bordeaux (France) and in Bologna (Italy)! Honestly go watch it if you re a foodie just like me on BBC iplayer.

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