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Monday 29 August 2016 London, UK

Back in mid June (I will explain why I haven't post for many weeks in a future post) with a lot of excitement and anticipation I went to the #bloggersball event, which was the second event I've been to from the very talented Scarlett_London who...wait for it... organised it all by herself so two thumbs up for her!! My last event by her was the #BloggersFestival back in September last year. This year the event was held at the very glamorous and glitzy Dstrkt in West End London hence the blogging event tittle which I have to say suits it perfectly. Of course Scarlett pulled out all the stops as she really wanted to make us feel and look very special at this exclusive venue.

Once again our host organised a great event by choosing all the right brands that she knew will interest the beauty and lifestyle bloggers out there. The venue was very large separated into two distinct rooms with a glitzy cocktail bar in each, I mean hello Mojito and Pina Colada cocktails! Plenty of sofas, and a little area to chill with other bloggers to share fun and of course take the ultimate selfies and pics because everywhere you looked it was Instagram worthy and you know how much I love my Instagram. Everybody was so glamorous and I felt so under dress in my leggings, t-shirt, duster and converse outfit! What can I say I am a girl who likes to be comfortable but never the less Scarlett mentioned on her email, prior the event, we could come dressed the way we felt the most comfortable ...so I did!
Lets talk about the many exciting brands that were laid out in all corners. They were all very attractive and received lots of interest from me especially for Exuviance, a beauty brand that specialises in offering SPA beauty products to their customers, so if you're on the lookout for beautifully scented products and amazing packaging that makes you feel like you spent a day at a SPA then trust me you have to remember them. I have to admit that I already knew this brand and totally adore their products. From their collection I already used and loved their Gentle Cleansing Cream & their Sheer Daily Protector but this time around the informative Exuviance lady introduced me to their Evening Restorative Complex Night Cream and their Cover Blend Foundation SOF20 and I am already strongly thinking to do a review on both products because I feel already they 'll be worth talking about.

Another brand that caught my eye was Vatika, an original Indian brand founded 130 years ago. they believe that every hair from the very dark, thick, curly to light, fair hair deserves the best treatment for the best results! After talking a little while with the stand assistant about my hair 'problems' I got to go home and try a sample of the Vatika Henna Shampoo because I do dye my hair mostly to hide my white hairs ...oops... (this is what happenes when you are in your 30's you see) and because they were very generous I even got to choose a full size body lotion which I have to say I am loving very much, I use them both everyday, also its with delight that I chose the Pomegranate Body Lotion which I will try and most likely report back.

Another stand that I was very excited to see again was JewelleryboxI totally adore this brand for their inexpensive jewellery and quirky designs. I especially love their dinosaur necklaces which I will buy soon because I feel I can't live without them... and who doesn't love dinosaurs? Check them out, they are really a little gem of a brand and of course being a lucky girl I got to go home with one of their designs that I will review and show you all soon on my blog!
Now lets talk about food... and ladies and especially about chocolates...I am huge chocolate fan (who here isn't?) and especially the nice kind ones, the darker the better the fair trade ones with all the good stuff, And Seed and Bean was ticking all the boxes. They are Made in the UK, they believe in using only fair trade and local ingredients and they have a full range of flavours from Sweet orange & thyme to chilli & lime. Now that I have already finished my bar kindly hey offered I need to hunt this brand down to find more.

I had an absolute blast at the #bloggersball event this year and I already cannot wait until next year but having said that I have few other events coming at the end of this year and you'll hear all about them in due time. A big thanks to all the brands that gifted me as you can see below I have been spoiled.

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