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Monday 30 October 2017 Banbury, UK

Its already that time of the month (although I am such not a regular...oups!) where I bundle everything that have been loving the past few weeks from beauty to books to YouTube etc. Whatever have been rocking my boat will be mentioned the below.


As you may or may not know my fiancée and I bough our first ever house back in February this year. The space is great (well moving from a tiny one bedroom studio flat in London to a semi detached 3 bedrooms house in the countryside does explain a lot!) I can now swing my cat around....not like I would do as poor thing. But I can actually cook meals without constantly bumping into my fiancée know our London kitchen was so small that we had to keep some of our kitchen stuff in the shade outside! yes literally I am not kidding. Therefore our house is not a new built but rather an old built (from the 60's) and is in much needed of redecorating, and when I mean redecorating I don't mean a fresh cot of paint, I mean: changing skirting board, re-plastering , painting , new flooring ...the whole lot!
So far out of our 3 bedrooms two have been completed and it took us well... 5 months!! Oups. we started on the 3rd bedrooms and removing the zebra wall paper print from previous owner 'idea of bedroom decoration' have been the joy of my life this month. For 5 months we have been staring at this monstrosity which look like 'Changing Room' 90's show gone wrong. 


They are everywhere in my living room. I don't know how but since we moved here we've been bombarded with interior home magazine by our postman. I suspect the council updating all home magazines of any new home owners. I guess they have to make extra cash. But not like I am complaining. So yes since then they've been coming hard and strong along with many other I picked up in different home stores.
I Love them they are a great source of inspiration from budget to interior designer. My favourite one, surprisingly, is Debenhams Home magazine. So if like us you are redecorating, don't just go to Ikea show rooms but actually get those magazines and enjoy them with a cup of tea!


I randomly discovered this channel few weeks ago, I needed inspiration for redecorating our place. I was bored of keep saying people UK home tour which I shall describe more as IKEA show room tours. Don't take me wrong nothing wrong with Ikea, I actually LOVE Ikea but after seeing for the hundred of times the Ikea white Malm chest of drawers in people's home tour I wanted to see something that I could really call unique and get inspiration from.
House&Home is a Canadian channel, they visit people's home and the decoration goes from decorating on a budget to interior designer etc. Whatever rock your boat really. I am in the hunt for other channels to follow so if you know any , please drop a line below :)


The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors + HA. It is affordable, great packaging and most importantly it is a very good moisturiser. Have been using it for over a month now and my skin is loving it.
The one that everyone talk about lately of course I had to be on the wagon it's the Paradise Extatic mascara by L'Oréal. This is the king of all mascaras! I always though the Sensational Lash by Maybelline would never be replaced but i was wrong. The Paradise Extatic give full thick lashes in one cot, last all day and the packaging is just divine. A must have!
Sleeping Giant by Sylvain Neuvel. 'As a young girl, Dr Rose Franklin made a life-changing discovery. Hidden deep underground, she found on enormous, ornate metal hand. Tests prove the artefact predates all human civizilation.' Sci-fi, mysterious, fantasy or thriller books is my type of reading and this book by Sylvain Neuvel is doing just that . I read about a third so far and far I am loving it ! Highly recommended if you love that type.

BarryM Palette Fall In Love. I am not a person that use palette that often, having said that about a month ago I purchased the Fall In Love by BarryM mostly because I was in the look out for a brick/red eye-shadow which this palette contained. Since then I haven't stop using it mostly the 6 more dark autumnal shade out of the 10 colours on the right hand side They are so Autumnal don't you think so.

Here you have it my favourites from the past few weeks. What have been yours? Tell me all by commenting below. 

* I am french and even so have been living in UK since 2001 please forgive me if there is few grammar mistakes. *


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