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Wednesday 17 January 2018 Banbury, UK

I can't believe we are already in 2018!
2017 have been the year of many new releases from brands that came across the pond to our old land that is UK. Its been a year that I feel changed the beauty world forever as I felt there were more choices, more brands, more releases than ever before. I am not sure if its a better thing or not but either way it was an exciting year for beauty. This past year have been a bit odd for me so it does reflect in my beauty best bits and by that I mean I did not get all the trendy products or all the new brands out there. Reasons being its that I became a first time mum, moved from London to the countryside and I also did not longer have a full time job that feed my beauty thirst. I became in 2017 a mum at home (although training to become a Freelance Video Editor to work alongside my partner which is very exciting). A drastic life change (but an amazing one don't take me wrong !!) after working over 17 years in London as a Merchandiser / Production assistant for High Street Fashion brands such as Top Shop, River Island, ASOS, Urban Outfitters etc. to name a few to a full time mum to my gorgeous baby girl. Having said love for beauty haven't vanished hence why there is still rather a few products that I really enjoyed using in 2017 and that I felt needed to be mentioned and not forget:

Barry M 'Fall In Love' Palette - This palette have been well loved since I got it just before the start of Autumn last year. It holds beautiful shades and the pigmentation are intense. The quality is there with a price tag that put Urban Decay palettes to shame. Try it or regret it !
Paradise Extatic by L'oreal mascara - It is obvious that I had to mention that mascara which, out of nowhere, kick out my all time No1 Lash sensation mascara by Maybelline off his prime place! Which have been on my No1 throne for at least 3 years (although I still love that mascara). If you don't know Paradise mascara by now , which took by storm the beauty world toward end of last year, then where have you been? If you haven't try it yet then you need to get out of your hiding place right now.
Glossier Priming Moisturiser Rich - Probably my No 1 moisturiser last year. It had everything that I love from a daily moisturiser. Nourishment, creamyness, lasting, luxury and a beautiful packaging. Come at a price but still worth every penny. Glossier was also one of those highly waited for brand and it deliver.
Also I could not stop there and mentioned the Balm Dot Com by Glossier which is everything that I need in a balm. I want it to be hydrating but without the gloss and it delivered. Anna from The Anna edit could not describe it better by saying it is an hydrating matt balm. Perfect description right there.

The Ordinary Moisturiser Factor + HA by Deciem - A more friendly budget daily moisturiser that also hold what I love about an hydrating cream. A brand that keep surprising me and is probably one of the highlight of 2017 new launch. 
L'Oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation - When this first product came out I thought it look like a waist of £11, a foundation on a cushion? Meh...But after reading many really good reviews on this product I had to try it and just like this, it become my No 1 foundation last year! A dewy & lasting foundation. Where do I sign?
Chanel Rouge Allure (col Experimente) - Last but not least this matt liquid lipstick have been on my lips probably a quarter of last year and still going strong. The colour is a dark intense red, it last, its beautiful and it is Chanel so what more to love?
I do not know what 2018 beauty world have on hold for all of us but I really do hope it is as exciting as 2017. My only wish it's that I hope more and more brands become more animal cruelty free and use more fair trade and natural products. I am not blind I know some above products do not necessary fit in those categories but lets hope they do eventually.  Let be one of my 2018 wish. 
What have been your 2017 favourite products?
PS: I am French but have been living in UK for about 17 years. I know my grammar is not 100% there yet (but I am getting better) so please excuse any mistake you might see. Merci :)

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