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Wednesday 3 January 2018 Banbury, UK

 If you read my Autumn Favourite (here) and my Bedroom Mood Board which you can also find here. You'll know that my partner and I are in the middle of refurbishing our entire house from literally floor to ceiling. Its a fairly old house and every rooms needs to be modernised. Windows need to be changed, all floors to be redone, plastering etc. you name it the whole lot! So far we've done our 2 bedrooms and the office/ studio room.  

For our master bedroom we went for white walls apart one feature wall in a dark navy colour. I have to admit the below picture do NOT give any justice at all of my dark navy feature wall. It looks very bright blue when in reality its a dark navy blue. But I guess under my bright studio lights the navy appear much lighter.
My partner always promised me that as soon as our bedroom would be completed I'll get to choose my dressing table which was a dream of me for as long as I can remember but in the past I never had the space for one (Hello small rental London living space). 
I wanted to have a retro dressing table. I refused to get the iconic IKEA white dressing table that every bloggers or YouTubers have (nothing against Ikea, that I actually love, but you know what I mean) . I wanted something a little more unique, something that fit more that very dark navy wall and mostly something a lite more natural feel where I can also built feature and texture around it.
I looked for one for about 2 months, on every furniture websites out there, but nothing was inspiring me until I randomly found my perfect dressing table in the most unexpected site: Amazon.
You can find this dressing table here. (which, by the way, is on sale at the moment from £199 to £129.99!!)
My bedroom still not completely finish in term of decorating, walls and flooring are done but the actual decoration is in a working process but we made already a great improvement in the purchase of my dressing table. I still need a chair to go with it and all the other furniture (drawers etc.) but as soon as my bedroom is completed I'll do a little room tour for you . So watch this space.

Green jewellery marble pendant - Flying Tiger
Gold Brass round mirro - Flying Tiger
Round gold candle- Matalan
Wood tray - Flying Tiger
Emerald green flower port - Flying Tiger
Vintage green glass flower pot - Vintage shop London
Bleached white Coral - Find on a NZ beaches
Brass heart container - Vintage shop London

PS: I am French but have been living in UK for about 17 years. I know my grammar is not 100% there yet (but I am getting better) so please excuse any mistake you might see. Merci :)

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