What I Got For My Birthday & Christmas 2017

Sunday 7 January 2018 Banbury, UK

This is the first time ever that I do one of those 'What I Got For Christmas' post. I think, in the past, I never wanted to do one as I always though people might think I am bragging, but the truth its that I totally adore watching 'What I got for Christmas' YouTube videos and same with blog posts. I am just a nosy cow and I love to see how excited and appreciative people are showing their Christmas gifts. 
So this year I decided to do my version. The only difference its that I combined my birthday and Christmas gifts as my birthday is literally a week before Christmas. And yes ... I know I am late and Christmas was like 2 weeks ago but I am never on time in my schedule, perhaps a new year resolution or at least something I should improve on ? :) 

Design Bloggers at Home by Ellie TennantPerfect timing for this book, I love interior design and my partner and I are refurbishing our entire house. This well designed book, so far, is full of ideas and inspiration. I 'll do a proper review in few weeks time. 

The Kew Garden Flowering Plants Colouring Book by ArcturusI love drawing and sketching so I can only love this beautiful colouring book.

Dressing table -Its been few years since I wanted a make up dressing table but when I was living in London, with my partner, we never had the room to get one (London small living space!!) but now that we moved out from London and now own a 3 bedroom large house. I had all the space. This dressing table is by Amazon and you can find the link here. Also if you are nosy I have done a full post about this dressing table on here long with my Bedroom Mood board here.

Baileys Chocolate - This is my favourite drink, lets say my family know me very well.

Harry Potter & The Cursed Child Part I & II- I got two tickets for a show in December 2018 (ticket yet to be received by end of this year) and I cannot wait!! I am a bit HP fan. See my post about the HP studio here and HP art gallery here.

Snoopy socks -What is not to like. I love my cosy wooly socks and it's even better if they are Snoopy.
Dog Mug - My family do know me well and my love for mug. This adorable one is to add to my, already, massif collection. 

Body Shops Fuji Green Tea - A Christmas won't be a Christmas without The Body Shop and this year I found under my tree the Body Sorbet, the Body Scrub, the Hand Cream & the Shower Gel.

CK one Perfume by Calvin Klein - This is my all time favourite perfume. It is probably my 5th bottles. I love it!

Ruby Bee Candles x 2- I got Salted Caramel and Strudel & Spice. I love candle so getting those two little cans was a delight. And did I mentioned they are sparkly too?

H&M Necklace and Earring collections-  I always have a thing for H&M jewelries and this necklace is so minimal and on trend right now, same for the small earrings that I just adore.

Yankee Candle Glass Artic Forest Shade & Tray collection- This is purely beautiful and so Chrismassy. I cannot wait next Christmas to have it out. (This is not on any picture are the box was too big).
Spiced white Cocoa by Yankee candle- I love Yankee Candle so of course I can only love this candle and it smell of white cocoa so what more to love?

Lush - Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb & Christmas Eve Bubble Bar. I love Lush (who doesn't?) I am  very pleased to have received those two Lush products. 

As you can see have been spoiled for Christmas and my birthday! I ,in all honestly, love everything.

What have you got for your Christmas? Tell me all by commenting below. 

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PS: I am French but have been living in UK for about 17 years. I know my grammar is not 100% there yet (but I am getting better) so please excuse any mistake you might see. Merci :)

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