Zushi Restaurant, Banbury

Sunday 17 March 2019 Banbury, UK

It was a Tuesday, a very rainy Tuesday that my husband and I decided to try the Zushi restaurant in Banbury. It was to celebrate the regression of my HbA1 (diabetic blood glucose), the fact that we were child free for the day and mostly spend a bit of time together. I have to say its probably the first time we had a lunch together since we got married in January early this year. It s been a while that we wanted to try the Zushi restaurant, as we are both big Japanese food fanatic and the reviews being so good we had nothing to lose but try it.

As soon as we walked in I could straight away feel the Japanese vibe. A simple but chic atmosphere with over sized leather sit, bamboo light, stone decoration element, Japanese wall art and dark wood. A nice welcoming atmosphere without being to impressive or intimidating.
Being a lunch week date we decided  to just go for soft drink and order 2 starters to share and have them also served with our main course. Chris and I like to have all the food in one go especially when were are having Japanese or Chinese food. which is the Japanese dinning style having all the food serve in one go. having travel to Japan its a way of eating out that I really enjoy. And if the Japanese doing it so I will. We were actually offer if we wanted to have all the food serve at the same time and we obviously accept straight away.
Our 2 starter of choice were the follow:

Soft Sheel Crab Tempura £9 -A deep fried soft shell crab in a light batter, served with a Dashi-based sauce and a Tabasaki Wings £6 - deep friend chicken wings with homemade mayo sauce. Where shall I start? Both of those 2 starter were absolutely succulent. The soft shell crab was fresh, light and crispy at the same time. And you know its  a quality batter done freshly when you get this divine combination that wake up your taste bud the Dashi sauce add that little Japanese stock style to the dish that just add that lottle salty flavour. 

The chicken Tabasaki wing were scrumptious and moist and let me tell you the homemade mayo sauce served with it was so delicious that I end up eating it with my chopstick even after finishing the dish. 

Our main meal were the :  

Chris choices was the Pumpkin Katsu curry £8.40 - Deep fried pumpkin in Panko breadcrumbs with Japanese Curry sauce served with salad and steamed ricea. My choices was  the Teriyaki Salmon Bento box £9.50 - A selection of chicken Gyoza, pickle, rice and Teriyaki salmon 

According to Chris his Pumkin Katsu Curry did not need any word he absolutely loved it and he refused to let me try it. What more can I say?
My Bento Salmon Teriyaki was really nice. I had similar Bento in Japan and in London and this one was on point. I always loves Bento box for the variety that it offer and this one offer on the variety. From the fluffy steamed rice, the succulent Gyoza, pickle and the salty and sweet Teriyaki salmon. 

I have nothing more to add that Zushi restaurant was a success , we tried, we loved it and we will be back. If you ever travel across Banbury or simply live around then I strongly advice you to stop by and try one of their succulent dishes. 
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  1. I like Japanese kitchen and that food looks so delicious!

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  2. Oh my gosh the food looks incredible xx


  3. yummy this place looks amazing

    1. Try if you can one day :) Thanks for your comment. x

  4. Food looks yummm.... great sharing!
    IG @grace_njio

  5. Looks so good and amazing place!

    Gemma x


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