The Past Few Weeks #7

Wednesday 6 March 2019 Banbury, UK

Lets welcome back my chapter 7 from my beloved series : The Past Few Weeks. Its been now almost 3 years since I started my little series and its my favourite one to say the least.  My last one was  in October 2018 which you can find here. So what s have been happening the past few weeks?

How was my Wedding ?
 If you've been following me for a while you might now that I got married in January this year. It was a simple registry ceremony. Having said that it was nothing but simple. It was beautiful, full of laugh and love. What more to ask really? So have been now married for about 2 months. Many people already asked me how it feel to be married? To be honest with you ...nothing changed. Everything remain the same apart that my name changed and that I wear on extra ring on my finger but life in general is the same. But it is lovely to be officially recognise as a family, and to have our house bought on my husband name to be now officially on my name too. If you would like to see my Hair and Makeup Wedding then follow this link.

Have you decided on your honeymoon?
Yes and no. Yes has we decided on two potentials destination. No has we haven't booked anything yet. I bet you are wondering what are our two chosen destinations? The 1st one is Japan. I actually been to japan in June 2009 so almost 10 years ago. I spent 2 amazing weeks there between Tokyo, Nikko etc, (find my japan post here and another one here ) but my husband never been and it is a dream of his to go one day . As I absolutely love Japan I am absolutely delighted on the idea to go back and perhaps this time try to see things that I miss on my first trip.
Our second destination is actually more like a journey. we would love to do a road trip to North Europe and by that we would love to see perhaps Norway , Denmark, Sweden etc. I do not think we will, of course, physically be able do see all those countries but if we can visit two of then in the space of about 3 weeks then it would be bloody fantastic. 

Any holiday planned aside the honeymoon?
Dorset is next on the menu and the departure is due in few weeks time. Yet I understand it is not a paradise island in the middle of the Pacific but it is one of our tradition to go away, in a charming cottage, fro a week or so somewhere in England each year. This year Dorset is on the menu. we mainly chooses this destination for the Jurassic cost (also because I never been to Dorset before) , being a lover of fossil I want to get my hand (if lucky) on fossils. Perhaps i 'll come back empty handed ( most likely) but I can only try. Also we do love beach holiday and our 2 years old toddler absolutely love playing with sands so perfect destination. I will most likely post about our little holiday  on my return so stay tuned.

What is happening with my blog?
As I mentioned on my latest The Past Few Weeks, I was planning to do more lifestyle post and especially more home renovation style post , well I finally jump on my renovation post and the first on the menu was Our bedroom renovation. I am planning to do hopefully soon my living room and my daughters s room. Home interior is something I am very passionate  about at the minute or since we moved out of our rented flat in London and bought our first home in the Cotswold must have help a lot!  
Also I am already thinking to change my blog layout yet again. My current layout is not as I imagined when I purchased it about a year ago. I am on the market for a fresh one but so far none attract me. Who know next time you check on my blog a new layout my welcome you?

Any blog event planned?
Unfortunately no blog event planned at the minute. I have to say that I have not been invited to any or look for any. I do miss them but I knew moving away from London would affect my number of invitation a year. But lets be honest I don't blog just to go to events otherwise I would have stop a long time ago. Having said end of last year I got invited to a fabulous press event which was the Cinderella Experience & The Illuminated Christmas Trail at the Blenheim Palace. It was a fantastic experience , and if you can go on the next Christmas edition then I strongly recommend it. 

What is happening with my Instagram?
I noticed a shift in my posting with a more home interior. I did warm that the change will happen and I enjoy much more doing so . Right now, like my blog, my Instagram reflect more lifestyle and home interior post. The algorithm is still shocking and I barely grow any genuine followers for months but I came to accept it and I am happy as it is. Although we all do wish the old Instagram could be back isn't it? Perhaps one day or wish will come true.
By the way all the above picture, as per usual on my The Past Few Weeks series are form my Instagram.
What have you been up to lately? Tell me all!


  1. Sounds like a had an eventful few weeks! You looks absolutely radiant on your wedding!

    Candice |

  2. Congrats on your wedding!! Sounds like it was perfect :)
    Looking forward to your future home renovation posts! I love those types.

    Renee @ Maritime Mama

  3. This is such a interesting type of post! I enjoy reading it and can't wait new The Few Past Week! Enjoy in your home decoration and it is very interesting that nothing change after wedding! Everyone talk it is big day and after that everything is normal.

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    1. Aww...thanks for your lovely comment . Indeed after a wedding all back to normal. Nothing do change. x

  4. I love the idea of this post. This is very heartwarming!


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