Corfe Castle, Dorset

Thursday 25 April 2019 Corfe Castle, Wareham BH20, UK

Chris and I are big fan of ruins and especially ruins that are as beautiful as the Corfe Castle in Dorset. During our little Holiday trip, on the Jurassic coast from few weeks ago, we had to go and spend hours imagining what life in this ruin castle would have been like. Trying to understand and feel old stones telling you a story that started not less than 900 years ago. What a story those ruins had to tell. From dungeon ghosts, to murderer, betrayal, love, to war...all you can hope and imagine was there to captive your imagination. 

The Corfe Castle is very easily accessible from the Corfe village itself which is at the base of the Castle hill. The ruin are managed by National Trust  you would have to go through their office before accessing the castle but as a member of the National Trust I can tell that you would be ,as usual, the volunteers staff of National Trust are always very welcome, and would inform you of all the access points, activities or any question you may have prior your visit.  

My highlight of the Corfe Castle visit was definitely the many views points located at different locations on the castle. The castle is on a hill which give you an amazing view of all the whole valley. Unfortunately, on the day of our visit, the weather was very foggy but , having said that, it gave a very ghostly effect on the ruins which add even more to the all the castle legends and ghostly adventures. I can only imagine what beauty the Corfe Castle view must offer on a very bright day! A must see. 
Also one of an other interesting highlight was seeing arches that, with time, fell onto the ground below, adding an even more surrealism of the place. At many point I actually felt I was in one of the Tolkien famous 3 books: Lord Of The rings. I was hoping at every turn to see the glimpse of an Elf from Lotlorien or other Tolkien magical creatures.
Be aware of young kids, the castle is on a hill and due to his condition some areas have sheer drops even so they are secure with barriers. Very young child, not supervise, could put their safety at risk. 
As a precaution we had our young 2 year old daughter on the child leash at all time. But don't be alarm the place still do feel very secure and it's a beautiful ruin to visit with your whole family from all age. 
My other highlight is the Corfe village that is very charming and offer very cute tea rooms for a well deserve afternoon tea and don't forget to visit the National Trust souvenir shop to buy all the local delicateness or just souvenir of your visit. 

The Corfe Castle is under the care of the National Trust and you can find all the information you need to know by following  this link.


  1. Beautiful post by the way. I love the mood and style of your photography. You have a gift! We visited a few National Trust spots this year too. The ruins you visited look pretty spectacular. Hope you have a great week ahead. :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. How lovely. I love ruins too and am hoping to visit Corfe Castle in June when we stay in Lyme Regis

    Emm in London


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