My top tip on where to buy affordable wedding decor

Sunday 2 June 2019 Banbury, UK

Even so I got married in January this year (see my ceremony office day here) , my husband and I will have the official wedding celebration coming up in July, this year. As you now know we are already married but the whole day would be like a wedding along with having my hair and make up done etc. (minus the passage at the registry office). In a way its even better because as it put less stress on the day (although still a lots to organise) and we would properly enjoy our celebration day with all the food, drinks, musics, games etc. 

My wedding theme will have the Bohemian vibe and will be celebrated in a large & beautiful family orchard. 
Let's just imagine: large marquee, fire pit, hay bales, picnic tables, white buntings, field flowers etc. (by the way you can see my wedding theme inspiration here). For the last 10 months I started gathering all sort of ornaments such as; buntings, vases, jars, wood panel etc. that are extra cute and cheap and in some case even free. 
As I have now the experience, I though about sharing it with you on where to get very affordable wedding decor, if just like me you are also organising your future wedding on a budget or if you are just curious. 

Start early
At the very least a year before your big day. Less than that and you might end up rushing at the last minute and buying decor at higher price or not have the time to find / hunt and end up with something that might not be necessary to your taste.

Don't snob charity shops
I think I am very lucky because my market town is fill with about a dozen of charity shops so for the past few months have been visiting them at least once every 2 weeks, if its not once every week (especially recently as my wedding is approaching fast). You ll be amazed of wonders that you can sometimes find.
For example: lately I found 6 large pillar candles at £3 the lot. I also found clear bohemian type of vase that would be used to decorate my picnic wedding tables.
I also found (but did not buy as it did not fit my theme) heart shape wooden decor to hang, bunting with heart / flower design, brand new wedding guest book, wedding card invitation, table decoration etc. most were brand new. Whatever is your theme, do check your local charity shops frequently as they have arrival of new products almost every day.

Car Boot Sale
Again like charity shop you'll be amazed of what you could find in car boot sales. Once again, in my little town, one car boot sale is organised every Sundays and we've been going there almost every week. So far I found a 4 meter long vintage lace table cloth for £1 (that will once again decorate outside picnic tables as don't forget my theme is white bohemian ) , I also found few large wooden slices for 50 p/ each (brand new in shop they can reach £8 per wooden slice) . And I found other numerous items that yet again, did not fit my theme, but would fit more romantic type of wedding decor. I even once met a lady that was selling all her wedding decor for little money. 

eBay and Amazon
I know this sounds like the obvious but those 2 sites are filled with wonder at very affordable prices, or at least for every budget. From those sites I have been able to find all my white buntings, candles, pom pom, wooden crates etc. for unbeatable price. Just be aware of the delivery, as some product can be shipped from China or Europe, and can take up to a month to reach you, but if you have the time then its perfectly acceptable.
Your Home
It might sounds obvious too but actually your home could already be filled with things that could be used for your wedding. My house has a very bohemian  style already so I have a lot of things that will just look grand in my wedding decor such as my macramé, vintage crate etc.

Pound Shops
Pound shops love it or hate that have every now and then products that are just perfect for wedding. In my bohemian theme wedding, I  recently found in Poundland, some lacy bunting, but also small wooden crate, vintage like bottles, table numbers, and electric candles. All absolutely perfect for my wedding theme. Like the charity shop do not snob Poundland or any pound shop for that matter . Do check them often as their stock /products vary from week to week.

The Works
Once again The Works shop might not sound like the obvious place for wedding decor but you'll be amazed for the little things I found there for less than £3. I lately got hold of x 2 A3 blackboard with easel ar £3 / each, mini canvas with easel ( perfect for table number or for sitting plans) at £1 each, but also mini vintage buntings, fake plant garland, mini wooden pegs etc.  Its especially great if you like making things yourself like I do . So do check this place.
Facebook Market
Facebook market can seems a bit like the Gumtree from 10 years ago filled with dodgy stuff & people but if you have the patience to remove all the silliness, you would be amaze the amount of wedding decor you can find on this page at an affordable price. Sometimes even for FREE! as long as you are willing to take your car to pick it up your order so make sure you look locally! 

Grow your own flowers
This is a risky one as for the obvious you can be successful or it could be a total disaster (so have plan B in case plan A failed). We decided to grow our own flowers and we chooses large daisies and gypsophila, so far so good as our flower are growing nicely and steady from seeds.
It goes without seeing that do plant your flower seeds following pack instructions. Although we are not expert gardener so my plant B is to have, under my belt, few fake gypsophila, dry wheat bunches ( you can purchase a bunch of 100 for about £6 on eBay) and few real gypsophila to mix with fake one. Its a risk but we were willing to take it to keep our budget.

So here you have it . I have to say its been actually quiet fun to hunt for all my wedding decor. I am almost there! I just need few more bunting, candles and pompom to decorate the inside of the marquee along with the orchard but I have 2 months left and I am confident I'll be ready by then.

Have fun hunting!

I hope you like all my tips. If you have any question or if you want to share your wedding experience then drop me a line below (I always reply back!).


  1. Great tips! I sourced a lot for our wedding on ebay and tried to use local small businesses too xx


    1. Oh yeah I used a small business in my local for fake plants . Good idea too. Thanks for your reply.

  2. great tips!! I did this for my wedding! it saves so much money!!

    Jadieegosh   Instagram

    1. Thanks! glad you did it too. It save so much money as wedding can be so pricey !!

  3. These are great tips! A wedding isn't on the timeline for me anytime soon, but my cousin just got engaged so I will definitely pass these tips along to her. Thanks for sharing!

    - Avalon from

    1. aw..thanks for your lovely comment and I hope all goes well for your cousin's wedding !

  4. Perfect post for me, thank you, as we just got the information our daughter is going to get married!
    Many thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Do you want to follow each other?
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. oh lovely ! congratulation to your daughter !!! Thanks for your comment. x


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