Beauty Haul & First Impression

Tuesday 28 May 2019

Its been a while since have done a little beauty haul following by a first impression. The truth is I no longer buy as much beauty products that I use to. Firstly to keep my expense down, secondly because I now buy only when I need a product and thirdly I no longer feel like I need to constantly buy and try new beauty/ product ranges to be relevant in the blogging industry even so my blog reflect more of a lifestyle content than beauty now.
Having said that I was rather exciting to get my hand on few new products that was missing in my make up collection or that I truly needed.
For no particular reason I end up buying all below 3 products from Maybelline. Not by choice but my eyes kept coming back to this range for their wide selection of products, especially since my local Boots re-furbished their whole beauty corner. Now it looks even more appealing with even more brands and a wider selection.
Dream Urban Cover shade 116 s├ęsame:
Now, I have to say on one of Lily Peebles stories and vlog she mentioned this product was a dupe of the dewy IT cosmetics CC+ but obviously 3 times cheaper. She tried it and report back positively and as I do trust Lily Peebles opinion I decied to give it a go. In all honestly I never try the IT Cosmetics CC+  foundation so I cannot compare it but my first impression was very positive. The application is very easy, blend quiet quickly and can be builted, if you want a more dramatic look, without looking 'caky' . The only slight negative opinion it is not as dewy as i was expected but yet it does give a lovely but very subtle glow. Its a win for me.
Waterproof Tattoo Brow:
This is something i never tried before as I am more a user of pencil for my brow. The truth if I was scared that I would make an absolutely mess with gel like brow product. The Tattoo Brow was actually easier than I though to use, although I needed few tried to get the quantity and shape right. This waterproof product is what it says on the tin. It is waterproof , stay on all day and easy to apply (but need few try to get the quantity right). My only negative point its that I took the wrong shade which is slightly darker than my natural brow. I will still use this product, as I do not like wasting and also it is hard to give a product away to friends or family when it already been used, but I will definitely try the lighter shade next time. 
Master V Contour:
This product was my wild card. I never been a huge fan of cream like blush, bronzer etc. but I was ready to try it and go on the cream side of the force.
My first impression its that the product (on both side) are easy to apply and do not seems to removed the layer of foundation underneath. The only negative side its the bronzer is not as dark as it appear on first glimpse, so for me to get the effect I need to built it up but apart from that it still a nice product and I would easily recommend it especially f you love cream based products. 
I hope you like my little beauty haul and 1st impression. Have you tried any of the above? let me know by commenting below.


  1. You got some really lovely products!

    Candice x

  2. Well, if it isn't as dewy as you expected, it might work for me. I really don't like dewy foundations.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. Oh yeah go for it then..and its so affordable too.

  3. The Maybelline base product is on my 'to buy' list! xx


  4. You'll love using the Maybelline New York Dream Satin Liquid Foundation. I've recently just gone through a whole bottle and it's left my skin so so soft. Never had a foundation like it! I'll definitely have to try the Dream Urban cover as it looks really good!

    1. thanks for telling me about the Maybelline NY DReam Satin. I will try it for sure. x

  5. Oh I really hope that the Maybelline foundation becomes available here soon, it sounds amazing. Great post!

    Khanak x

  6. That foundation looks so pretty :) I've been looking for it in shops and hope to find it next time I go shopping for makeup.

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