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Sunday 6 October 2019 Banbury, UK

This year I am so feeling the Fall and Winter 2019 . The fashion is taking a turn that I love. I love the oversized coat , the oversized jumper, scarf and everything else in between . Basically give me cosy and oversized clothes and i am in . I am all for comfort in upcoming Autumn and Winter. Below is on my wish list , few items that would be very welcome in my wardrobe and use years after years ( because I don't believe in fast fashion!) and being loved as per the first day.

My selection is very me to say the list.
I like oversized coat where you can wrap yourself in so on my list you will find the Zara striped coat , this is probably the most expensive items but even so at £99.99 I feel this kind of coat will never go out of fashion and can last you a lifetime. 
Next on the list, I am dying to get my hand on is the cable knit jumper and I found this one on H&M for a little of £20 (on sale!!) . I always have a thing for cable knit jumper and if they come in cream or beige then you can be sure I'll be front line.
You cant have an oversized coat without the matching oversized scarf. I choose this H&M little number scarf that is for me a perfect colour that just go pretty much with everything. I love scarf and I can never have enough.
Boyfriend jeans are for me the best type of jeans. Even back in the days in my teens I would 'borrow' my brothers jeans because they always seems better in term of cut. So seeing they are not widely available I choose this ASOS, mostly because I love the dark washed effect colour and well it just look like my cup of tea.
If you don't know me but I live in Converse. I probably had in my life time 6 pair of Converse from the real deal to the "copy-cat" but assure you I always had a pair lying around. This year I had to get my  hand on a fresh pair because my last one are over 2 years old and they start showing sign of non-return. 
And finally lately I am all about those Autumnal shades; ginger, gold, dark name it and this love theme colour of mine had to be translate in a handbag. I am totally loving that green bottle little hand bag from New Look and at only £15.99 how can I resist. I believe it will finish that total autumn/ Winter look.
What do you think? Do you have any autumn / Winter wish list?



  1. I really want to find a new coat for this winter – I've had the last one for a few years now and it's getting a bit noticable; so I want to look around for a new one. And I can't agree more about Converse, they're awesome and so versatile ❤

    1. Yes I love Converse too they are so versatile indeed. :)

  2. For now I don't have anything on my wish list. These are nice stuffs.

  3. Love this wish list! The black boyfriend jeans and cable knitted jumper are my favourite :) x


  4. That knit jumper is lovely, and I'm such a fan of oversized jackets! I think feeling comfortable in the fall and winter is so key xx

    My Lovelier Days

    1. indeed. I agree with you. Thanks for your comment.


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