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Sunday 20 October 2019 Banbury, UK

I think it is finally time for a little round up of what have been up to lately. The last one of my little series : The Past Few Weeks (which have been around in my little blog of mine for over 3 years) was from March earlier this year which you can find here. So what have been up to lately?

The Big Day
Perhaps the most special event, the past few weeks, was the celebration of my wedding last July. For the little story I actually got married in January this year (my post about it here) but the big celebration was in July, too long to explain as the reason is quiet personal but who would not be happy to celebrate a weeding twice? Right !!  But technically the big meal and party was in July. It was amazing! Lots of preparation for about 8 months prior the event and let's say they were lots of tears and nerve breaking moments but on the day all was just perfect. I invite you to see more about what we ate, my wedding decor, venue and of course THE Dress. See all it here you curious bunch. 

Blog Events
Lately I got invited to few events based in Oxford which was delightful because lets say since I moved out from London to the Cotswold the blogging opportunity and especially blogging events haven't been as good as in London, but this year so far its been great. I got invited to two events: First one as the 25th anniversary of the Oxford Malmaison which you can find all about it here. And finally I also got invited to celebrate the launch of the A/W 2019 collection by John Lewis & Partners . This event was so much fun. I was so spoiled that I also invited you to have a peak at everything we did that day including John Lewis amazing new collection, the tasty food we ate at KuPP and the goodie bag from MAC and John Lewis which was just incredible! You can find my post about it  here.
I lately had a mini honeymoon with my husband and our daughter to Bruges in Belgium which, if you are an Instagramer lover, you would know this city is a backdrop heaven for bloggers and Instagramers, but of course it's not all about the gram. This city is unbelievably beautiful, lots to do and see and have so much history too. My post about it is not yet live (as its a big one) so bear with me on that one. We also spent few days in France in the beautiful region of Pas-De-Calais near Lille. we ate lots chips (being famous for), but also lots of patisseries, cheeses, wine etc. and we seen amazing sites too. Also the post about my French road trip is being created as we speak and should be on my blog fairly soon. 
We are planning to have a second honeymoon earlier next year which would be somewhere in North Europe but I'll tell you all about it closer the time. 
Home Renovation
I have to say that the home renovation and especially the kitchen and the bathroom (our last 2 rooms that need a serious makeover as all other rooms have been redecorated) have been rather... slow. Mostly because our saving were mostly spend for the wedding and the mini honeymoon. But as we are now financially better we started re-planning the next step in our kitchen and our bathroom renovation.
If you would like to have a peak on our master bedroom renovation please follow this link.

Lately I am really just enjoying my home a lot but also I found my blogging mojo back. Last year was the year where I blog the least (28 post in total which is rather embarrassing) from my 5 years of blogging. I was not exactly very motivated in 2018 but this year, and especially for the past 6 months or so, my love to blog came back. Have been blogging quiet regularly and I am loving it and I already posts more than last year which I am very happy about it. 
Video Editing
I am still on the video editing training wagon. I am not yet ready to go in this adventure as a freelancer and join my husband (he's been already a freelance video editor for the past 8 years) but we think I'll be ready by early next year. And because I am obviously training on editing video I also find myself filming a bit of my life and starting to put them together, its like a little project, which would not blow people mind but help me create videos that I edit from start to finish.
For about a month now have been taking refresh driving lessons. Refresh because I actually do have my driving licence...wait ...what ? Yes I know but I have not physically drive for about 18 years and I lost a lot of my driving ability. I booked 20 hours worth of lessons lately with a lovely female instructor so hopefully I ll be able to drive again in few months time and get my independence back. 
What have you been up to lately ? anything exciting ? Tell me all!!



  1. Great read Marie! X Anastasia

  2. What a lovely post; I love all the photos!
    And I've been getting ready to move and start my new life abroad — and I couldn't be more excited ❤

  3. I love reading such posts! And wow, being married in January and celebrating in July is quite a long time of preparation but I'm sure everything's worth it! Congrats! :)


  4. You're right - who wouldn't want to celebrate their wedding twice?! Bruges sounds fantastic! x

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