The Ivy Oxford Brasserie Preview Party

Thursday 31 October 2019 Oxford OX1 2JD, UK

If you are a blogger, a foodie or an Instagramer or even better all of them at the same time!! Then you certainly know The Ivy Brasserie. I mean I really do not need to introduce this fabulous chain. We all know The Ivy is the perfect Instagram backdrop with an amazing eclectic and floral decor but also lets not forget excellent food (their burgers are like OMG!) along with a stylish service to make you feel extra special. Well...if you live in the Cotswold you now do not have to travel down to London or South to Birmingham to have a taste of the Ivy because they are launching their new Brasserie in Oxford next month! The official opening date is on the 5th of November. So have this date in your diary at the ready ladies !
It all started few weeks ago, when I received an invitation to the Press party before the grand opening. The invitation was to see The Ivy in its splendour and to enjoy some excellent canap├ęs with many (too many really) Champagne & cocktails. Of course you know what was my reply to the invitation, right?  Yes, yes and yes! This was probably the most exciting event invitation this year so far for me.  

On the day of the Preview Party I literally could not wait for the evening to arrive and to jump on my 15 minutes train ride to Oxford! 
As I arrived to The Ivy my lovely +1 Molly was there at the door waiting form me and as soon as we got the all clear from the door ladies, we jumped in a beautiful and grand atmosphere! 
Everything was absolutely gorgeous! So gorgeous that my eyes were wondering from one corner to another corner without any rest and gasping at everything that I could see. As I wonder more into the brasserie I noticed there were 5 different rooms, although they are all decorated in the same style they feel like 5 distinct rooms. The one that was really extra special  for me was the Botanical Room located on the 1st floor with a beautiful gold mirror bar that was just so stunning that me and my other blogger friends could not stop taking pictures in front of it. The table were gorgeusly decorated, the atmosphere was very chic and Parasian. Just a dream really!

Also shall I mention the bathroom!? Yes I shall because the bathroom (even if you don't need that little toilet break) I strongly do recommend you to pay a visit and see the beautiful boudoir with velvety purple poof, gorgeous mirror and decor to fix your hair or your makeup, but if you do end up there do check the toilet too because the pink toilet are to die for with stunning decor, fresh flower and everything in between to pack your things and move in there. Absolutely stunning!

Overall if you never went to The Ivy the decor is very eclectic, botanical, Georgian and absolutely gorgeous! This place have that very luscious and grand feel to it. Expect Victorian and Georgian prints, plants at every corners (and no they are not fakes one!) which for me is just a dream. Expect gold ornaments, beautiful mirrors and be ready to have all your sense to be wow because this what this place do to you and if you are a blogger its heaven for backdrop. Like literally!

During the preview party we got to taste a lot of what The Ivy could offer food wise and obviously everything we gorged on was absolutely yummy! So delicious that first of all : I forgot to take any pictures of all the food because I was too busy eating it (and sipping my Champagne) and secondly : we kept chasing any waiters with trays of food all the time.  Two facts that explain my lack of sharing the food on any social medias but hey darling! I can ensure you that everything was so good that I dreamed about it the day after. A good sign for me !

So what do we need to remember about The Ivy? You have 10 minutes! But no seriously this place is absolutely stunning, the food is as tasty as the place is beautiful. The atmosphere is grand and the service is top notch. This is what you need to remember and don't forget it officially open on the 5th of November so don't forget to book that table for you and your nan/ mum/ besties/ to taste The Ivy Experience.

I 'll see you there soon.


The Ivy Brasserie will open its door on the 5th of November.


  1. Aw it looks seriously magical, total interior goals! I wish I could visit :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara

    1. I hope you do one day. This place is just so beautiful and the food is rand too!
      thanks for the comment Elizabeth.

  2. I am so jealous of all the amazing places you get invited to!

    1. aww...don't be ! You deserve invitation too as I know you work so hard on your blog and videos. Don't forget I am part of few local blogger group on Facebook (and few on Instagam) where often my details are sent to PR agencies so hence why I get every now and then event invitations. Perhaps it is something you should look into it if you have not done it already? (sorry if you already did look) . If you were living near me, trust me I would take you as my +1 to all those events.

  3. Whata gorgeous, gorgeous location of the Ivy - I need to pop in!

  4. I do love The Ivy, always find it so impressive. Thanks for sharing and it looked like a beautiful event. Laura xo

  5. I love your blog, we dream one day to visit England


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