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Monday 6 January 2020 Banbury, UK

Happy New Year and tralala!!! Hope you are all back fresh and ready for the new year. I though I start the new year with a little skincare review for all you my fav peeps. I spare you a boring New Year life or blog resolutions as I never do them…Yeh I know shocking for a blogger but really you'll thank me later! 

Every now and then, you come across a brand that is just so special you have to write about it. This brand is S5 skincare. I got very lucky to have been gifted lately the Nourish Cleanser for Dry / Sensitive skin and the Renew Serum especially formulated for those first few lines. As I am in my early 40's I was recommended both products by the PR team. 
As always, when I do a review of a product, I always love to introduce every categories from packaging, scent etc. 
and today is no exception I will give you the best review I can of S5 Skincare.

Who is S5?
S5 was created to transform people's skin and improve lives. S5 is designed to help any kind of skincare issues from dryness, scaring, blemishes etc. The brand developed during many years of research to harnessing the most effective bio actives found in mother's nature.

S5 Packaging.
The first thing that wow me its the beautiful designer outer packaging. Elegant and tactile packaging with a dark bottle green along with beautiful hearth like inspired labels. Those products scream elegant luxury skincare straight away. Let's be honest they would look good in any bathroom cabinets.
What is the Renew Serum & Nourish Cleanser about?
Lets start by the Renew Serum. Let me highlight you on why its the perfect friend for those first ageing few lines. 
First of all the 1st ingredient is the Glycoprotein which are like little micro cellule that just love to cuddle and protect your skin, basically it's like a net protector against all the evil coming from the outside. And that s a good thing right? Yes it is . You want Glycoprotein to be part of your life.
But what else this genius bottle is hiding ? Wild Indigo. You know that beautiful, almost ultra violet flower? Yes that one well this beautiful wild flower is known for its immune system protector (often use in medicine against skin infection, common cold etc) once again the wild flower molecule have been injected in your serum to give you that extra protection just in case your friend Glycoprotein was a bit lazy. 
3rd but not least, the Hyaluronic Acid, which at first can probably scare but Acid, use correctly can be very beneficial in skin treatment. This particular acid is actually naturally product by your body, but no harm to have a little extract, this particular acid help your skin to look more supple, illuminating and well in general give you an healthier look and we love that.
I mean I am all about the dewy and supple. So we need this acid in our skincare regime, don't argue you know you want it too. So with that I present you the S5 Renew Serum which in no doubt have been loved by my skin lately. 
Easy to apply, do not leave any residue and have a subtle lovely scent which is just dreamy to apply. 
Would I recommend it to you ? Hell yeah if you are in your late 30's or early 40's. You should love it.

The Nourish Cleanser
This cleanser is just divine. I am not even afraid to say that it is probably the best cleanser I have ever used, and believe me I went through a lot of different cleanser in my life. Why all this love ? 
First all the scent is absolutely delightful. Thanks to the papaya extract and natural oils.
This cleanser is a rich-oil base balm that melt into a lovely milk when you mix it with a bit of warm water. It's astonishing beautiful to use, a luxury cleanser that we leave your skin clean but soothe and nourished.
So what do you find this beautiful pot:
Artic Sea Buckthorn. This orange bay give the colour but also is pack with Omega 7 and full of antioxident which we all know the benefit for our skin. Then you will also find High Altitude Rosehip Oil which have this regeneration properties on tissue which help reduce scars & wrinkle but also have the property of soothe and hydrate! I mean what is not to love? Last but not least,  you will also find Papaya Enzyme which can reduce inflammation and also have the property of reducing sign of premature ageing like wrinkle and ageing spots. 
Have been using this cleanser for the past few weeks and something that I noticed its how rested and soothe my skin look after. It s really like a balm that soothe dry lips in comparaison. It's even more appreciated after a long day where your skin might be feeling tired but also from make up residue and pollution. 
Once again this product have been the highlight of my skincare routine. Its a beautiful product not just from the way it look and smell but also the benefit that I had on my skin.

Would I recommend both products?
Yes, yes and yes again for both products. They are easy to use, smells absolutely divine and make me feel like a goddess every time! 
So what are you waiting for?
Find S5 Skincare here.

*Items in this post were gifted for my review. All opinions are forever my own* 



  1. I've never heard of this brand, but I must say — I love how the serum sounds! Although Christmas is already over and my mum's birthday is in November, I may buy it and give it to her without any specific reason. I'm sure she'll love it ❤


    1. Its a British brand and maybe they are not yet exploring the rest of Europe but you can order online for sure. They have products for all age, skin conditions etc. I think they are great ! I think your mum should love it .Thanks for your comment . :)

  2. Oh! I have never heard of this brand before, are they in the Uk? Must have a look into it. The products sound great.

    Jordanne // Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

    1. Yes they are in the UK. Thanks for your comment.


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