My Diet Journey || Week 11- Lockdown Edition

Wednesday 1 April 2020

23.03.20- 29.03.20

W E E K 11 -  L O C K D O W N  E D I T I O N 

Here we are, today the 23.03.20 our government announced that Great Britain is officialy on lockdown until further notice. In all fairness I was expecting it. My home country: France, have been in lockdown for over a week now, along with Italy etc so it was only normal that Britain was too follow.
How are you all doing? But as said before we are going to be ok. Follow government instructions by staying in and only go out for necessity such as food. The sooner we all respect this at 100% the sooner we are all going to be out of this once that nasty virus died. We are in for the long run dont expect this to be in over in two days time but whatever time it will take we'll be ok. Essentially we are being asked to sat at home and watch Netflix, read, play games, bake etc. I mean it could be worst. We could all be asked to go to war. You see straight away you already think its not that bad. I guess it is a war against a virus where we are ask to binge on Netflix and do other fun stuff but at home!

Hope you are all ok?  really despite the situation and that have not put my nose outside (apart in the garden) for like 2 weeks. Husband and I still have all the Corona virus symptoms, although we are getting better but as advice by NHS we are in lockdown and my best friend, Natalie and her husband, have been doing our grocery for us  (to be 100% safe) I reckon by next week we'll '' be officialy ok" to go out (as in to go for food shopping essentials and nothing else of course!)

The Slimming World official virtual meeting is due on the 30.03.20 but I already checked my weight at home (usually we get weight in at Slimming World) and I lost 5 LB 1/2. so not bad at all.
With that  the total is 2 stone 8 and 1/2 which I am pretty proud about it. Hopefully in a week time I'll get my 3stones reward, who knows? 
Apart from that nothing much to report. My days are mostly spent on looking after my 3 years old toddler (oh! do I miss the nursery!!) , taking care of the house, blogging, reading, watching Netflix and DVDs and try not to get mad. My husband is freelance and thankfully he always work from home so its nice to have him here everyday. 
I have not try any new Slimming World recipes. To be fair since this whole virus thing I have not though about trying new dishes but mostly bake cake for my daughter and husband. I just want to keep them well fed and happy with treats (both of them are delighted!). 

Sorry if lately My Diet Journey diary are a bit boring but we are living an exceptional circumstance. 

Speak to you soon and stay safe!


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