My Diet Journey || Week 10 - Lockdown Edition

Thursday 26 March 2020 Banbury, UK


 W E E K 10 - L O C K D O W N  E D I T I O N

Hi all, hope you re doing well despite the human challenge we are all experiencing.
I would like to keep some kind of normality on my blog and avoid talking about the Coronavirus as it seems we can't escape it and as I do suffer from anxiety I often find myself visiting blogs or YouTube channels to try to find some normality.
I am sure a lot of you are on the same boat and are struggling even more in those scary time. But let me at least say this: Humanity made it through much worst (just open any historic books) and I can ensure you we'll go through this I am not saying its going to be easy but I know we will.  Stay safe. 

How was my week?

I bet you all want to know how I did on my last weight in which was on the 16.03.20, well I lost 3 lb 1/2! I have lost a total of 2 stones 3lb with this result I won my 2 stone reward and also Club 10 reward. (Club 10 reward its when you lose 10% of your weight) so obviously I am very happy with this.
Unfortunately this was my last weight in at the Slimming World group because, as you guessed it, its been cancelled until further notice, having said that our group still exist and our consultant is planning some virtual meetings until we can all meet again, the only difference if we had to weight ourself with our home scale and gave her our report. Its going to be fun and interesting I am sure. 
I have not been to the gym for over a week too for obvious reason. I do miss it, I mean who am I to say that? haha! But I am looking forward to when we all be ok to go back out there. I'll be slimmer for sure.
Oh did I mentioned that my husband and I put our self on self isolation as we both have every single symptoms of the Virus so to be safe and to make sure we are not infecting someone that is at higher risk than us we are staying in until we both are feeling better. Don't worry about us, we are doing ok. 

Sorry if this week I have not much to say. Its been a bizarre week and with that not much to report really.
My next Weight in would be at home, on the the 23.03.20 I guess so stay tune for that one because its going to be a good one (Yes I can feel it!)

Thanks for reading and stay safe!


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