5 things I am loving right now #5

Monday 10 August 2020

It s been a little while since I have not mentioned little things, that just brought me joy lately, especially with what went through lately, lockdown and all...
Those little things big or small brought me joy in a way or an other and mostly (for most of them) help me with my anxiety. Without any further do lets jump into it, shall we?

Switch Lite - Animal Crossing New Horizon.
The Animal Crossing New Horizon which was released in March 2020 would be remembered as the lockdown most popular game ( still to this day it is the Nintendo game with the highest sale) and to be honest I am not even surprised. Obviously I got suck into it. I bought the Switch Lite with the Animal Crossing New Horizon game mid April and since then have been totally hooked. In the mean time a lot of my friends and family members bought the game too and we've been meeting online a lot, as back then, we could not meet in the real life as you all know, and with that we even created our own WhatsApp Animal Crossing group where we exchanged a lot of AC meme related. Its fun !
My island name 's Alfirin and my game name is Marie. I have a 5 stars island and 10 islanders with it.
Also my Dream Code is as per below : 

I feel like I shall do a whole post about my island and my islanders and you know what! I most likely will, because I am sure some of you, out there, are as hooked as me. In the meantime let's just say that game is addictive. My theme is Cottage core and I am trying to make my island as natural as possible, its challenging but its truly lots of fun. Do you have Animal Crossing game too? I would love to know more about your ACNH experience.

Book - The Flat Share by Beth O'Leary.
During lockdown I really wanted to read something that was light hearted and not well....depressing. The reasons being its the 2 books that I read previously The Flat Share were just very depressing. One was a thriller (with not a really good ending) which was a good read but it was dark, the other one was more of an utopias world with a bit of end of the world kind of spirit and ...it was probably not the most suitable reading during a pandemic. This book was also a good read but I was definitely looking for something a little bit more cheerful. I quickly decided to get my hand on The Flat Share by Beth O'Leary also because it remind me the 15 + years of my flat share experience in London and it just sound very sweet and cheerful. If you are looking for a funny and romantic story based in London with two characters that yet are so different but each very loveable in their own right then I recommend The Flat Share by Beth O'Leary. It s not going to be a book that you'll remember forever but like a good ram-com you'll have a good time reading it and then moving on to the next thing. 

Tokyo Print.
I am still working on my living room gallery wall which at the moment had only 3 prints. Its a long project because husband and I refused to just jump on the Desenio wagon and just get 10 prints in one go that, yes perhaps would fill the gap, but would be prints that 'everybody got' and its a no-no for us. I, of course, have nothing against people doing so, (and I do love Desenio) but personally husband and I rather look for print that mean something for us even if it takes us 5 years to complete our gallery.
 I found this Tokyo print rather very randomly while shopping on eBay and I just fall in love with it on the first sight, first all because I absolutely love Japan since a very young age ( I am talking when I was like 8 or 9) then in 2009 I realized one of my long time dream by travelling to Japan ( here one of my blog post about it here) and I also love drawing manga and watch manga too such as Saint Seya, Gimbli studio films etc. so the world of anime and Japan have been in my life for a very long time. Also a lover of the Japanese culture a lot of details from this print can only be known if you have a high interest in the japan culture such as the robot in the sky which is Goldorak. A cartoon that I used to watch back late 70's -early 80's and is extremely popular.  Its probably one of my favorite print so far.

Nivea Soft Moisturizing Cream.
This cute little pot that is refreshing, moisturizing and it just do what it says on the tin. I always been a big lover to all the Nivea products and this little pot is always my go to go moisturising cream when I am travelling or just handy to have in your handbag. Its especially formulated to be ideal for your your face, body or hand. Also it had that signature scent from Nivea which is one of my favorite skincare scent of all time. I though this little pot was to be featured in my ' 5 things I am loving right now' series. No way it was not to make it. So here you have it. 

Lash Surge Mascara by Collection.
I feel like the Collection brand is not talk about it enough. Yes I hear you its not the most popular brand or the 'IT' product of the moment but if you're looking for affordable but yet very efficient make up products The Collection brand do deliver. I have couple of products from this range mainly lipsticks and nail polishes and most of them are love by me but this was my first ever try of one of their mascara. You see I am a bit funny when comes to mascara I usually get the Paradise by L'Oreal or from Benefit, Maybelline or even Too Faced. But this time around I wanted something affordable below the £5 mark and I was keen to try something that is not usually what I will choose. This mascara was a lovely surprise. It actually remind me a lot of the Paradise by L'Oréal. It does not clump, smudge and add a lovely full on length to your lashes. I have nothing more to say that this mascara is one to keep and one that I might re-purchase in the future.

What are you latest favorite little things? Tell em all.
Thanks for reading.




  1. The Flat Share is such a brilliant book, I fell in love with it! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

    1. aww..yes it was a good read. thanks for your comment. x

  2. I'll definitely check out the book! I've seen it couple of times before and it looks like a nice summer reading 🥰


    1. Its for sure a summer reading. I hope you will like it. Thanks for your comment. x


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