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Thursday 6 August 2020 Banbury, UK

It is without denial that we are leaving a time where change in what we consume needs to be done. I will not lecture what people shall or shall not do as we are all intelligent enough to face that reality but as a human species we have lots of responsibilities. We are to make a change starting now! The sooner the better.
Without further do I will introduce you to simple bathroom products that have been swiping the past year or so ( I also started making change in other room in my home such as all my kitchen cleaning / washing products but this is another blog post for another time) .

Lately I decided to no longer purchased shampoo that do no longer fit in the biodegradable or natural origin ingredients. I found a radical change in my way of shopping. I no longer look for a shampoo that would leave me with "shiny hair" or that "repair damage hair". No ! Now the first thing I look its essentially 2 words: Biodegradable & Natural Origin. I am happy to report that as months are passing by those 2 simple words (but that could make a huge impact on our planet) are appearing more and more often in new or re-formulated products.
Lately my new shampoo of choice was the Garnier Ultimate Blends with 98% Natural Origin ingredients. In a more closer look this product has a recyclable bottle and lid, factory producing this product is part of the sustainability committed, the plastic bottle and lid is made of 50 % of recyclable materials and can be recycled. The 2% are products ensure a good preservation and sensoriality. 
The only downfall of this product, after closer research, is that Garnier is a non cruelty free animal. Something that I am obviously not happy about. I will stop purchasing Garnier until further notice . But for the meantime I will use that product (as I hate wastage) but I decided that I will not revert back (review) for the simple fact that this product is not cruelty free.

Bamboo make up remover pads.
Lately I finally stopped buying cotton wood and I purchased 10 eco-friendly bamboo make up remover pads. They are obviously washable. This product come with its own cotton wash bag so your bamboo pads does not get lost in your washing machine or worst get stuck in the inside seal your washing machine ( just like mine do !!!!). Have been using them for about a week now and in all honestly I cannot see a difference between using a cotton pad or a bamboo pad to remove my make up? They removed my make up the same way there is no difference apart that my bamboo pads are perhaps a little softer on my skin but it is as much difference that I can report back.
The washing process is easy, and self explanatory really. Stick them in the washable cotton bag, put them in your washing machine along with your usual laundry and they come out clean. Perhaps no as pearly white as I first bought them but they came out clean, in the same shape as when they were new (no shrinkage noticed)  and that is all that matter for me. Those bamboo pads come from Wilko but similar product are now widely available for online shop or in stores.

Bar of soap. 
Husband and I replaced all our hand gel soap for over a year now and we purchased many moon ago ( we bought in bulk) biodegradable bar soaps. Yes they are not fancy looking or have "unicorn glitter crap" in it but they wash your hand as well as any other soap but most importantly they are biodegradable and come plastic free. So 2 words we love to hear , let me repeat them for you : Biodegradable and plastic free. This is all there is to say to it. As my hand cleanliness goes. Yes I can report that they are clean. I am being sarcastic but honestly its simple guys:  bottle soap gel that come in plastic container are OUT biodegradable bar soaps are IN!
This soap bar brand is Bio D check them out.

Through out the past year or so we tried different variant biodegradable and natural toothpaste and so far we struggle a bit to get use of toothpaste that weren't foamy or came in form of tablet, until I came across this wonderful tub. The brand is Grants of Australia follow this link for their story and the wonderful things they do. I have been using this toothpaste for over a week now and it tick all my 'dental hygiene requests'. Its a keeper and definitely I will re-purchase this brand.
This product is SLS, Parabens and fluoride free and is entirely made of natural ingredients. This is what we like to hear. Also its vegan and animal cruelty free. Yeh!! So what are you waiting for? This product is available on many online sites I found one link here.

What are the products you swap for better eco-friendly alternative? Tell me all by commenting below. 
Thanks for reading! 



  1. I'd honestly never seen or heard of that Garnier shampoo until I read this post, it sounds really good and I will give it a try soon! I love using those reusable makeup pads, they work so well in terms of removing makeup and even a face mask from my face! x

    Lucy |

    1. They do indeed. I hope you get to try the shampoo. Thanks for your comment. x


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