The Crown & Tuns -Pie Pub Deddington Review

Wednesday 28 October 2020 Banbury, UK

Hi all, Today I am coming to you with a pub place review the famous pie pub PuddingFace of the Cotswold: the Crown & Tuns. I am lucky enough to live about 10 minutes drive to this pub which Chris and I heard about it, from our friends living in London, when we weren't even living in the Cotswold yet. I know literally! Its been just over 3 years since with moved form London to the Cotswold and we were well over due a visit at the Crowns and Tuns. The occasion was mainly an after celebration of my husband's birthday from last week and mostly to try something new.  
We both have not been eating out since January so we though (after the shi* show we all went through this year) it was time to treat ourselves a bit.

Covid19 health and safety.
One things that I first notice an arrival at the Crown and Tuns its the security measure that the staff are seriously taking regarding the Covid19. 
First of all there is a no mask no entry policy. Secondly all sitting tables are located at about 6 feet distance between them as recommended by health secretary. Thirdly very clear mark hand gel bottles were positioned in many locations within the pub. 
They also use a one way walk system clearly mark on their floor and a track and trace NHS stand which we of course signed accordingly.
Last but not least its their staff always use a 6 feet minimum distance from us at all time even when they were serving us their distance to us were extremely safe. Their training and safety have been taking very seriously for of course their own safety and ours.

Now the most interesting bits: The FOOD!
Obviously due to the pandemic we weren't given a menu but we were ask to take, just before being sited, a picture of their menu clearly marked on one of their wall. Due to the pandemic their menu choice is more limited than the usual but still lots of to choose from as you can see.
I decided to go for the Slow Roasted Shoulder of lamb which can come with either way chips or mash along with vegetables on the side. As I am diabetic I decided to avoid the carbs and go for extra vegetables. My husband choose the classic Steak and Kidney pie which came with a choice of mash potatoes or chips and vegetables on the side.

What can I say about my Slow Roasted Shoulder Of Lamb? word: Delicious! Probably the tastiest shoulder of lamb I ever tasted. The whole dish was full of complementary flavor that just accompanied the lamb just perfectly a deep full of flavor gravy, a large roasted celeriac and carrots along with a large roasted onion. My lamb was so flaky and literally was melting in my mouth ( and you know its been literally slow roasted to obtain that perfect flaky aspect) 
Also the portion was definitely on the large side and you could have easily feed two person rather than one but I won't complain about it.

Chris described his dish as one of the tastiest steak and kidney pie he ever had and it gave it a 9 out  of 10 which to my standard its pretty damn good. He also described his dish as full of deep flavor and on the generous side. Also he absolutely love the flaky pastry crust covering his dish which was the size of his head. It was light , fluffy, buttery and clearly delicious ( Yes of course I tried some!) 

I believe the winning recipe for Crown and Tuns to be so known for their excellent kitchen its the Savoir Faire, love and preparation they put into each dishes. You can clearly tell nothing have been prepared on a last minute kind of work, all have been prepared and cook in advance to fully appreciate each flavors.
No ready meal or ready to be heated gravy all have been professionally made in their small kitchen and that its a sign of a good place to eat.

Our experience was very positive, clearly the food was even better than I was expected and the staff made us feel safe and ease. Two thumbs up from us for the Crown and Tuns.

We'll be back.

Have you tried Crown and Tuns Puddingface in Deddington? Or planning to? Tell me all by commenting below. 

Thanks for reading.



  1. Thank you for the wonderful comments on our little pie pub x

  2. Living about 10 minutes away we have been several times and never been dissapointed,the food is allways hot and lovely and the staff are allways friendly and can't do enough to make your visit pa pleasureable one

    1. glad to hear :) it is indeed a great place to eat . Thanks for your comment


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