A Family Day in Oxford

Monday 19 July 2021 Oxford, UK

Lucky enough we are approximately 20 minutes to Oxford so it's always a city that we love to visit and visit again when we just feel like it. Last weekend we decided, a visit what once needed, and this time we settle on visiting the Oxford Modern Art galleries follow by one of our favorite easy fast food places to eat where we are in and about: Leon's and spend some chill time in the University Parks as the weather was beautiful and warm.

1st thing first, we visited the Modern Art Oxford. Like all museums in Oxford, this one is free but obviously, due to the Covid rule, you'll need to book a slot for your visit as only a limited of visitors can be allowed per hour. But you know all as well as me this is the new living normalities since 2020. I strongly suggest you book your visit a week or two before, this goes for all Museums in Oxford as they can get fully booked very quickly so as to avoid any disappointment booked in advance!
 This was our first ever visit the Modern Art Oxford and it certainly wasn't a disappointment. We got to discover the world of Samson Kambalu with his special exhibition open until the 5th of September 2021. Below is what Oxford Art Oxford have to say about his exhibition, and let's face it they have a better way of wording powerful modern arts than me:

New Liberia comes out of the time lag between aspects of early 20th-century Malawian modernist cultures and various emancipatory social and political movements.” – Samson Kambalu

For his largest solo exhibition, Samson Kambalu’s powerful installation creates the atmosphere of an initiation ceremony for a utopia of international racial justice that equally values each person. This idea of a ‘New Liberia’ marks a mass change in attitudes, sparked by the pandemic and global Black Lives Matter protests in 2020.

An image often speaks better than words so please find below a few of my snapshots:

The Modern Art Oxford also has available a shop which I may or may have not to spend my life-saving in it and a very relaxing coffee shop with a mountain of cake ad tasty coffee to choose from. Overall I absolutely enjoy the Modern Art Oxford gallery and I am looking forward to visiting them again in the next few months when new exhibit would be available. 

The Oxford Leon is very often our choice for a quick but more importantly tasty and healthy choice when we are in and about Oxford. This time again after roaming the street for a little while we, once again, look at each other and acknowledge that once again Leon would be our choice for a quick bite as we are never disappointed. And yes we weren't disappointed at all. My daughter decided GFC (Gluten-free and wheat-free) chicken bites with baked fries, my husband and I settle for the Sweetcorn Ribs with truffle mayo side (which was absolutely delicious and I highly recommend it and I am not even a lover of truffle so that say it a lot!) the Roasted summer veg + Aubergine box and the Paprika chicken with grilled vegs box. All totally tasty, healthy and we'll once again come back!

After a belly, full we walked toward the University Parks next to the Museum of Natural History Museum for a well-deserved snooze on the grass and refreshing ice cream and drinks

Have you been to the Modern Art Oxford Gallery in Oxford, or have you visited Oxford before or wish to? Tell me all by commenting below.




  1. The parks look gorgeous! I've not been to oxford but really want to visit it! xx


  2. I've not been to a museum in ages, last one I visited was in Venice in 2019! Looks like a lovely day out :)

    Corinne x


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