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Thursday 1 July 2021 Oxford, UK

If you've been following me for some time you must know that I am trying my best to use more eco-friendly products from cleaning, to laundry and to skincare of course. Lately Nivea Family sent me some of their Naturally Good range to try and to report back of course.

So what is the Naturally Good range by Nivea?

 Nivea has recently launched its ONE SKIN. ONE PLANET. ONE CARE mission, making a long-term commitment to sustainable skincare and a healthier environment. From sustainably sourced ingredients to using less plastic and more recycled materials in our packaging.
The Naturally Good range is made of 98% Natural origin and Vegan formulas and, the packaging is made from 97% recycled PET plastic. I mean what is not to love? All the good stuff we love to hear.

Nivea sent me 5 goodies to try, they are:
 The Naturally Good Oil infused Shower Gel, The Face Cleansing MagicBar, the Naturally Good Organic Aloe Vera Day cream, the Naturally Good Organic Argan Oil Night cream, and finally the last but not the least the Naturally Good Organic Hemp Seed Oil Body Lotion. 

They are the perfect skincare routine from day to night and I am loving it. But let's talk more in detail about each of my beauties.

It's always difficult to start with a first product and give a correct detail and feel about it or review shall I say, but this time I am going to choose the Naturally Good Organic Hemp Seed Oil Body Lotion because it's the first that I tried. What is to say that I did not already say on all products by Nivea? But let's say that as per usual this a lovely hydrating lotion to use, I have fairly dry skin especially on some parts of my body such as my legs, and one thing that I noticed with the Naturally Good Organic Hemp Seed Oil Body Lotion its that its soothe and hydrate my skin like I love it. This lotion absorbs quickly, is not greasy, or does not leave any residue and as per the usual with all Nivea lotions, it's a pleasure to massage my skin with it. I love the subtle Hemp oil scent and the fact that this product is 98% natural and organic makes me want to love it even more. 
Something pretty nice is that this bottle already been made of 50% less plastic and is recyclable and last but not least the bottle can be 'squeeze & roll' to the last drop. A nice and new packaging that I am sure I will love when I get to use the last few drops. this product is a 5 stars out of 5 for me. An intelligent product that says what it says on the tin.

One that I was truly excited to try is the Face Cleansing MagicBAR, this is something pretty new for Nivea and 100% eco-friendly. The packaging is fully recyclable paper, the product is made of 99% of natural origin and not a single bit of plastic in sight. 
This bar simply leaves a scent of cleaners and freshness on your face. All you have to do is to wet the bar in your hand with a bit of warm water and massage it onto your face, a light foam will form. Then rinse off with water and you are done. This is not a makeup remover as such so better to use after removing your makeup or before putting on your makeup. I absolutely love the Almond oil and blueberry scent. This product is like a bar of soap but does not act as a bar of soap by leaving dry skin. It's a cleanser that like all cleansers leaves your skin ultra-smooth.

The Naturally Good Day Cream and Night Cream. If you know Nivea well those two products are their Eco-friendly version from their well know Q10 day and night cream. Technically the product is very similar, with a similar feel and scent but the difference is the products. The used are 99% natural but not only this is good news already those two products are ISCC certified (Sustainability Certification System), but also electricity used in the production of the formula is from 100% renewable sources.
I am loving the organic Argan oil (Night cream) which has many skin benefits such as; anti-aging, reduced skin oiliness, soothe, and many other. On top of the Organic Argan oil, you will also find precious jojoba and almond oils. The day cream is packed with Organic Aloe Vera which soothe and hydrate, has antioxidant benefits, and wound healing. What more to love?

Last but not least it's the Naturally Good cotton & organic oil-infused shower gel. Same dedication 
as all the above products. This wonderful bottle is 98% made of natural origin, 99% are biodegradable, vegan and the bottle is made of 97%recycled PET plastic and can be recyclable again. A beautifully scented shower gel that already has been my shower companion for days. In three words: I love it!

Have you tried the Naturally Good range by Nivea? Tell me all by commenting below. 
Thanks for reading peeps!


*Items in this post were gifted for my review. All opinions are forever my own*  


  1. Oh, this is my first time hearing about this range, but all looks really good! Expecially the face cleansing bar 😍 It's alway amazing to see big brands trying to make better steps 🥰

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