Beauty Haul

Wednesday 28 July 2021

It's been a very long time since have done a little beauty haul in fact probably months if it's not even longer. The reason being its that I always try to use what I have until I can justify being new makeup. Lately, I have used a lot of my beauty products so I thought I deserve to treat myself to new bits. Also, I am planning a little trip to the Lake District with my husband and daughter so that was another reason. 

Without further do here what I got:

I never did fake tan. The reason being I actually do not really like fake tan skin that well...just look fake but only idiots never changed their mind', right? and as I do not like tanning for real ( hello cancer skin risk) and as my skin looks rather very pale I thought I'll give it a go-to fake tan cream.
 To be honest with you when I entered the world of fake tan I was in a for a shock, so many to choose from, so many brands that it was a bit overwhelming. Perhaps I shall have done my research beforehand but as per my usual, I didn't and settle on the St Moriz (50ml). What seduced me its I wanted to get a small tube (in case I do not like it) but also one with SPF and one that could easily be applied. This St Moriz ticks all my boxes now let's see if I would enjoy it. 

I could possibly not get a fake take product without the gold shimmer oil to go with it right? So the Golden Goddess cocoa oil by Marissa Carter had to join the fun. I already tried it and I love the ever so slight shimmer and the soft skin that this oil leaves on my skin. A winner already and I believe I will enjoy wearing this Golden Goddess oil shimmer for the rest of the Summer.

Now the most interesting bit for me anyway, are the beauty bits. I purchased (also it did help it was: ' buy 2 get a 3rd items free' deal at Superdrug) the Lifter Gloss in the shade 003 Moon, the 24hrs Colour Tattoo cream eyeshadow in the shade Groundbreaker, and finally, the Cheek Heat Cream Blusher is in the shade 15 Nude Burn all by Maybelline. I already tried all of them and I have already been convinced especially the Cheek Heat and the  Lifter Gloss. 

Have you tried any of the above? Tell me all by commenting below.



  1. Beauty Haul is amazing! I love the metallic sheen and the gloss :)

  2. Love the look of the cheek heat!

    Gemma x


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