Lake District in 35mm Film Camera

Tuesday 9 November 2021 Oxford OX1 2JD, UK

Hi All, its been few weeks since I last posted on my little blog of mine. Reason being? I was away on holiday in France visiting my family which I did not see since July 2019 (Thanks Covid) and also I was waiting for the developing of my 35mm Film camera that took 3 weeks! 
Back in the day I remember such a process would usually take 24/ 48 hours. 
Anyway the thing is I really wanted  to try my hand on 35mm film again. Last time I use such camera was probably around the 90's so obviously that's rather a long time ago. I still have my camera from the late 90's but unfortunately it just wont work anymore and I just do not know the reason? 
Fast backward few months ago I purchased a new film camera from eBay its the AGFA Photo. Not a vintage camera but a brand new one. I wanted to get my hand on a new camera before purchasing a more vintage one in month to come. 
My experience using this 35mm camera was odd but yet exciting at the same time. We are so used on using a digital camera, that pretty much does anything for you like setting lightning, focus etc without s thinking about it that being behind a camera that do nothing as such and lets you be in control its rather fun but strange at the same time. The result of my developed film are pretty much an example that I forgot how to use a 35mm camera. Its full of mistake like using the flash when not needed, being out of focus, too dark etc. Out of the 36 exposure about a third are just totally dark or over exposed as for the rest some good one and some 'ok ish' one. The one below its those that I definitely not amazing but I still love them. So I was saying my husband, daughter and I spent a week to the lake district back in August this year and here are some of the pictures:

Here you have it. I understand that most of this picture effect was not attempted and in all honestly, I love it, even more, the fact that it's all a bit random and definitely NOT perfect. I think the quality of using a camera with a 35mm film is not knowing really the result and some of those mistakes add to the personality of each photo. I live it and a very fun experience which I am still practicing. 2 weeks ago I went for a week in France to visit my family, as mentioned earlier, and of course, my non-digital camera was out again. This time I took much more pictures and I can wait to develop them in days to come and c=of course I will share the result with you all.

Have you tried 35mm film before? Tell me all by commenting below.



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