Organic French Skincare Haul

Monday 22 November 2021 Oxford OX1 2JD, UK

Hi Peeps! Hope you re well? Its been almost 2 weeks since I came back from visiting my family in France which I have not seen since July 2019 (Thanks to Covid). Not only those holidays were perfect in many ways, family time, visiting the city, food, shopping.. but I got to come back with a small but rather lovely set of Organic products along with a car boot full of french food but that would take me too long to describe as most of it is already gone!  Back to our skincare 'ish haul. Being French I know France has always been ahead when it comes to providing organic products, not just in food ( just go in a french grocery store and you'll be amazed) but also in the skincare range, from makeup too well everything really. I could not come back without bringing a few products back to our old island. So here's what I brought back with my suitcase:

Nectar Of BIO Hydra.
A simple body lotion using only organic ingredients from salmon to jojoba oil and Aloe Vera. I mean what is not to love? Also, I love the pump system, always a design choice of mine for easy access and use. In all honestly, I never used this brand before so it's going to be a newbie for me to try I just hope it's hydrating and good for my skin like the label promised to. If you wish for an update, do let me know by commenting below. 

Next one and a first for me, I purchased an organic toothpaste. Got to take care of those teeth right. I bought eco-friendly toothpaste before but never organic so that is the first. As toothpaste goes I just hope this one delivers like any other type of product. This is a store brand (Carrefour) called Soft BIO as it was on the cheaper side compared to other similar organic and eco-friendly toothpaste. We shall see!? As I am returning to France for the upcoming Christmas I may or may not re-purchase this product depending on if my partner and I love it or not. 

The next on my list is this Nat & Nove BIO nourishing Shampoo. Once again I never tried this french brand before but it just sounds nice and has a lovely scent. One thing I would like to add is this packaging is made of 84% of material which is made of sugar cane, this product was made in France for the reach market which contributes to reducing carbon footprint, also this product only uses the minimum of water and materials of all kind such as plastic during the making and also this brand help in the employment by getting his product needed locally so once again a less impact on the carbon footprint. This product is probably from the lot the most eco-friendly and BIO and this is already a favorite.

Last but not least and probably the one I am more excited about is the: Le Petit Marseillais Bio Shower Gel. I know this brand since forever as it's one of the oldest French brands that still exist. I took the classic Olive tree smell to remind me of South Of France of course. This brand has always been on the wagon of eco-friendly as their soap always been natural but the fact that now it's also organic just adds that little extra. It's also Made In France so everything is a big love from me.


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