Toulouse Witch Exhibition / Magies Sorcelleries

Monday 29 November 2021 Toulouse, France

'You, my Witch. Are Magnificent. In my heart. You stand tall. In the midst. Of the fire. Ablaze. But not burnt. Ablaze. But not consumed. 

This morning. I was consumed. In your fire. This morning. I was consumed. In your fire. This morning. I burnt happily. In your blaze. Of Beauty. And Glory. I know. This morning.

Thou wast. consumed also.'

(2007) Res John Burman

Hi Peeps! Hope you're well? I am coming to you with a tour of an exhibition I went to a month or so ago during my holiday in France. On one beautiful sunny day, my husband and I decided to visit Toulouse 'The Pink City' known for its natural pink stones house and it is also a beautiful city known for its culture, art, fashion, and food of course. During our day visit, we decided to visit the well famous Toulouse Museum which had a special exhibition called: MAGIE SORCELLERIES basically anything about Witchcraft, history,  witch culture, etc. This exhibition is still showing until 02.01.22.  If after reading this post you are off to the South of France and fancy a visit of course.

 This exhibition takes you on a journey of witchcraft and its history that has always been part of humanity from all around the world and for Millenials. 

What is magic? When did it start? Why feminism is strongly represented in the witchcraft world? and how did the witch world start? 

This exhibition answers all those questions and more. 

It's full of astonishing discovery and the room has especially been styled for that spooky dark vibe with dark velvety curtains, lights playing on shape and forms, and atmospheric sounds. A delight for your eyes your ears and for the entertainment and understanding of what is magic and witchcraft. Each room takes you on a journey from understanding all the different minerals and herbology that have been used and still are from any kind of witchcraft. And by that I mean the use of different crystals, mushrooms, roosts, and maleficent herbs all is explained. But also why some animals such as the wolf, snake, owls, black cat, or even crow always been a representation of dark magic and often are hand to hand with witch and wizards alike. 

You will also encounter a room with a light show of all different representations of witches and evil throughout history and mostly throughout cultures. 

Another little note about the Museum Of Toulouse, it's like the most major museum it doesn't have just a special exhibition room but also hold an impressive collection that you can visit after enjoying the Witch special exhibition. 

This particular museum is mostly showing the natural history from the formation of volcanoes, natural elements on the planet, astronomy, animal and human evolution. Each room is filled with all sorts of wonderful and very interactive for the younger visitors too.
 I totally enjoy the visit to this beautiful place but do you think it stops there? Nope...there is also a botanical garden which like the name suggests is also full of greenhouses showing all sorts of variety of plants from the Amazon, to the jungle and Europe. But also a sensory garden perfects to teach the younger generation about the world of growing vegetables and herbs of all kind use for culunary or medecinal.  A wonder for the eyes and the sense too. 
This beautiful museum and garden are perfect for a day, bring a picnic to enjoy in the botanical garden or even better enjoy well deserve treats from the local cakes,  sandwiches, specialties, and cold and hot drinks from the museum café which hold a lot of choices for everyone to enjoy. Also, they have a terrace so perfect if the weather is kind on that day to enjoy your lunch under the Toulouse sun.

I highly recommend visiting this museum if you are off to France in the Toulouse region. A must-see. 


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