Basic B*tch serum by Made by SUNDAY

Friday 28 January 2022 Banbury, UK

Made by SUNDAY Skincare is the new kid on the block a sustainable, cruelty-free, plant-based, affordable inclusive, and vegan brand that have already has everything we love to love.  A little brand that was founded in my area (Oxfordshire) and become one of the most praised skincare in the industry. Fairly recently they launched a shop in the independent retail market:  Lock29 Banbury and of course, I had to get my hand on one of their product to try and to revert back.

My product of choice was the Basic B*tch ( I love the name!) hydrating + Plumping serum which is perfect for my type of skin and for the little hydration boost I needed. 
This serum is pumped literally with 3% hyaluronic acid, and for those just like me, I have not a clue what that means ...well in a few words; Hyaluronic acid is known to reduce the appearance of fine lines and increase skin moisture. What is not to love?
and let's not forget the 2% added vitamin B5 which is known to maintain healthy and balanced skin (hello lovely glow!). A lovely duo that added with the gel-like texture makes my perfect 'wake me up' boost for the day.
This serum is perfect to use as a 1st step serum just before your regular moisturizer but if you wish it can also be used as an eye cream. Whatever rock your boat babes! 
Either way I love this serum, for the easiest use, the gelly-like but non-greasy or sticky texture, the feel of well-rehydrated skin without feeling heavy or tight on your skin. 
This serum is also perfume-free which is even more adequate for people with sensitive skin.
Overall I am more than happy with this lovely serum, it does the job, does not cost me an arm but yet is packed with all the good stuff that you need without the fuss and the luxury high bill.
Would I try other products from Made by Sunday,? Absolutely Yes.
Would I recommend them?  Yes.

Now if you wish to get your hand on this serum or try any of their many other products including makeup just click here.

Have you tried Made by SUNDAY before? Tell me all by commenting below.

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