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Thursday 13 January 2022 Oxford OX1 2JD, UK

Happy New Year guys! I took a little break from my blog the last few months but I am back, back with new post ideas and hopefully lots of fun and inspiring new posts. 

For the first post of the year, I thought I share a beautiful Etsy shop.
 A few weeks ago I participated in a giveaway event on Kate's Instagram: Romy's House. The prize; Hand-made from second-hand jumpers, a wonky pear with her friend the cute snail, and also a cute red and white spot mushroom that comes with a loop so it is perfect to hang in your Christmas or for a child bedroom decoration.
 And guess what? A few days later I got the lovely message that I was the winner. I was as you can imagine very happy and could not wait to discover in person those inspired by nature's beautiful 
handmade items.

My winning parcel arrives a few days later and I was delighted to see that not only the handmade items are made using recycling jumpers but Kate, the artist behind it, used parcels that can be recycled including the tape and that is always a good point to see on any purchases.
 All items were individually packed along with a very cute thank you card painted by Kate herself that I am strongly thinking to frame for my daughter's bedroom.

Photo Credit to Kate Romy's House 

Here are my winning gifts in their whole glory. 
I think they are super original, very cute, and would be perfect for a gift, to decorate a kid's bedroom, or simply for yourself. I love the cute little detail like the pear and her rosy cheeks but the cute leaf that was added, the snail made myself and my daughter giggle as we both have a thing for snails (we are keen gardeners and we love finding snails in our garden altho our organic salad...well not so much) let's not forget to mention the mushroom which once again is super adorable and have been in our Christmas tree as soon as I received the parcel. I love the little white spot which makes it super adorable. 
Kate knows how to make her soft items full of personality, clearly made with love as the quality of her stitch is perfect and the attention to detail is definitely there. High-quality product, made with love, super cute, original, and part of a small business that I would love to see grow and grow.

Check Kate's Instagram @romys_house and Etsy shop to see the extent of her full collection where you can also find, in the same theme: foliage, fairies, more mushrooms of all shapes and colors, and more adorable wonky apples and pears.

What do you think of those adorable nature-inspiring soft friends? Tell me all by commenting below.


other items created by Kate;

Photo Credit to Kate Romy's House 

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