Charlotte Tilbury and NARS beauty haul

Wednesday 2 February 2022 Banbury, UK

Hello Peeps, I hope you are well. It's been a little while since I came back with you with a little beauty haul. This time around it's a bit different from my usual beauty products I get but never the less as exciting for me as any brand out there really. I know what you are going to think but I am a bit late to the party and I finally decided to get my hand on two brands that so far I have not tried. Chocking!! I know!
 So I decide to finally get my hand on the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk palette, the mini Charlotte Tilbury Pillow talk Diamonds Glossy version and last but not least the mini version of the NARS NarSissist Wanted palette

Spring is coming I know it might not look like right now in all England but really it is so I was inspired to get my hand on some kind of spring-like colors. Hence the choice of the pillow Talk palette and glossy lippy to go with. Same for the Nars Palette but having said that that palette gets my attention too for all the sparkly eye shadows offered and well as ai am a bit of magpie it seems only fair for me to add this palette to my collection. 

My first impression of the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Palette is how buttery the shadows are and so easily blendable each color is. A joy to apply really and it feels so luxurious at the same time, I don't know how to explain this but the texture is absolutely gorgeous. The next thing that also notices it's all the little fall those eyeshadows give compared to some other palettes that I own. So far this palette has been the one I 99% of the time reach for so we could say it's my favorite right now for all the above reasons.

The Charlotte Tilbury Diamonds Glossy lipsticks is also a beautiful product to use, I absolutely love the scent ( have you noticed it's similar to MAC lipstick scent) and how easy is it to apply. Overall I am not disappointed about that lipstick but I have to admit the shade is a bit too light for me so not a favorite in terms of colors but still a beautiful product that I do not regret having purchased.
I am thinking to try the Pillow Talk lipstick in the matte version and hopefully, this would perhaps be more suited for my skin color.

Now to the NARS Narsissist Wanted mini palette. I love the design of this palette, easy to pack away for a weekend away or just in your handbag for some retouch. The eye shadows are gorgeous and many looks can be created with it for sure. The texture 
is not as creamy and delightful as the CT one but I am guessing must be because of the glitter content. The application is messier than CT but overall the shadows are quite pigmented and beautiful to use.

Am I a converted Charlotte Tilbury and NARS buyer? Yes and already planning to try different kinds of products from both brands. 
Have you tried those above products? Tell me all by commenting below or if you recommend me any. 

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