A day in Toulouse

Thursday 19 May 2022 Toulouse, France

Toulouse is a vibrant city located in the South of France that I love to visit every time I have the occasion when visiting my family that is based in the South of France. Toulouse is known for its beautiful architecture, young student life ( many universities) vibrant culture, shopping, and food of course! Toulouse is known to be one of the prettiest and best places to live in Frabceway ahead of Paris and other French cities.
 During my visit to France last Easter. During our short stay (only 5 days) I decided to spend a day with all the girls in my family only, a girl day out if you wish. We left kiddos and husbands behind and off we went to spend a day in Toulouse mostly for food and shopping.

Toulouse is absolutely full of street arts from gratifies to posters, etc and I could not help myself stopping at every corner and enjoying those arts. 

And just for that if arts is something that is your interest in all forms Toulouse is full of art galleries, museums, and of course street arts that remind me of my 2021 visit where I visited the Toulouse Museum which you can find my post about it here

Our lunch choice was Lebanese. My sister highly recommends this restaurant and it certainly was not a disappointment.
My favorite was the mese style dishes (hello hummus, aubergine caviar, and tasty salad...without forgetting the hand-made flatbread!!)  from the starters and the cute desserts at the end of the meal. I'll be totally clueless on how to describe oh tasty it was but it was very succulent. 
This place is simply called 'Restaurant Libanais' find all detail and reviews here

Toulouse shopping is insane from vintage, high street brands to independent stores, you have everything for all styles and budgets. And I enjoyed every aspect of t which remind me that a little shopping French haul of everything I got during this day would be on one of my next blog posts so I won't spoil it by mentioning all this. Just be assured if you want shopping the town center is amazing for that and the experience is worth so get your wallet ready for some serious shopping ladies, gents, and non-binary peeps !!

Have you visited Toulouse before ? Or hoping to? Tell me more by commenting below.

 Thanks for reading.


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