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Tuesday 3 February 2015 London, UK

This is my first post of this kind. I just gathered here few things beauty and non-beauty that I have really enjoy using through out December and January. 

I can't actually believe that January is already gone as not along ago we were anticipating Christmas and boom!!!! December was gone and so January and we are now in the full start of this new year.
Autumn and Winter are pretty much my two favourites seasons and my items represented here actually kind of reflect this; from reading books, hot chocolate mug, warm nail polish colours, blog writing etc.

For the past few months or so I've push myself to start reading authors that I am not familiar with. Before I was kind of stuck in a pattern of 'If I didn't know the author and his/ her style I'm not interested'. Then  I asked myself: what is that all about? And I realised that I was just scared of the unknown or kind of stuck in my 'comfort zone' so I said no more of this silly routine, lets get out there pick random books that I think might interested me.
Also in the meantime I discovered two lovely French and Swiss YouTube girls passionate by books. Following their weekly videos made me want to read more and not to be scared to try a new read. If you speak French click here for Margaud Liseuse and click here for MalorieDuns Book if you want to check out their channels.
So lately I finished reading The seventh sons by Joseph Delaney (tome 1 & 2 out of 10 tomes...I think?). I will continue the series once I can get my hand on the following tomes. In the meantime I, for few days, started reading The Cuckoo's calling by Robert Galabraith (J.K. Rawling's alias) and so far so good.
What are you reading at the moment?

For Christmas I found in my stocking a cute black cat book note and this little item hase been following me everywhere since. I basically put any notes (blog or non-blog related) in it. I had to share it with you and this cat note book had to be part of my recent favourites. 

Candles! It's a long love story I have with candles...well pretty much since I moved to London years ago. I guess I was becoming more independent and with that come the feeling of making an apartment a home so candles appeared and they haven't left since. As you can guess when the cold nights come their numbers seems to multiply around my apartment.
Lately I FINALLY tried Yankee Candles (click here for my haul post about Yankee Candles). I know they are very popular and pretty much every bloggers own at least one jar and I am no exception especially after discovering all the amazing scents they have available. Also I have been enjoying tons of their tarts melt, not necessary to the joy of my boyfriend but he'll get use to it *big smile*. 
I like to try new brand like Salt & City
Have you tried that brand or any other suggestions?

With the cold days I want to take better care of my skin especially my face skin and lately I have been loving the Clinique -dramatically different lotion. I only have sample size items (30 ml + 15 ml) but I think I am ready to get the full size product in the coming weeks. I am not going to do a review now but lets say you do not need a lot of this product to have a soft and fresh face ready for a cold morning stroll to work.
What about you?

I think we pretty much all of us have seen Frozen and yes once again I fell for what became now a classic Disney, in my opinion anyway! I am loving the Elsa character (as much as Anna) and when I came across the Elsa mug at Disney store in Westfield Stratford (Well lets say I didn't randomly bumped into it I purposely was looking for it haha!) I had to have it !!! This mug has seen countless amounts of hot chocolate and tea! I am loving the size, the colour & the design. It's pretty much become my perfect cocooning buddy lately.

My cute pink peacock box by M&S. This biscuit box was given to me by one of my fabric suppliers at work a week or so before Christmas. I have to admit I think I love the box itself more than the biscuits (which were still really yummy). I don't really keep metal box's usually but this one was so pretty that it ended up being used to keep my winter favourite nail polishes. 

Soon on my blog I will be reviewing My Little Beauty range by My Little Box. Because even though they might not be high end products I have been using and loving them a LOT especially the lipstick and the mascara seen below. Both items haven't left my everyday make up bag for two or so months. They deserved to be in my winter favourites.

Last but not least my 3 favourite perfumes of the moment. I love having more than one perfume and lately I've been loving Chanel No5, which was a beautiful gift from my mum for Christmas. Also I got from my boyfriend the Burberry weekend perfume and from a member of his family the Ck one by Calvin klein (My favourite for many years). I am not too sure if you too have that 'one perfume' that you always have to have it. Well CK one is my favourite of all time. I probably went through 4 large bottles since I first discovered it. I am rubbish at describing scent so I'll leave it but if you still want to know then just ask and I'll try my best to give my best description.
What is your favourite perfume?

There you have it my 1st 'favourite things' post. I hope you enjoyed reading it. I will carry on making these posts every month or two.
I would love to hear from your recent favourites (beauty or non-beauty) so don't hesitate to leave me a comment below I always read & reply back.

Marie xxx

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