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Saturday, 28 February 2015 London, UK

Lately I've had my eyes on the Zoeva brush set at around 60 Euros even though you get between 6 to 12 brushes (depending of the set you choose) I still feel it was a lot of money (click here for Zoeva brushes sets if you are interested). Also I didn't want to spend an average of £10/20 on each Real Techniques brush so I decided to look elsewhere. For me brushes are not my number one priority in my make-up bag. As I am not a make-up artist I'd rather spend my money on cosmetics rather than brushes, just my personal view. 

Having said that I don't really have many brushes and the few I have have seen better days. So I decided to look for some of the cheapest brush options out there. I pretty quickly came across many cheap sets available on Amazon and one in particular caught me eye! The set I bought has 10 brushes and comes in at a price of £7.99. According to the product description the handles are made of bamboo and the bristles are eco-friendly so I was very pleased to buy something that could easily be recycled. 
My set arrived packed in a natural fibre bag (seen on the above picture), the brushes, as per the website description, are indeed made of bamboo the bristles are very soft also as promised! Also to my surprise, even though I bought a set of 10 brushes, I got sent 11 brushes, basically one of the medium size brushes had a twin. This, I am sure, was a packaging mistakes but I am surely not complaining about it.
I got 4 large brushes (for foundation, blushes & contouring) and 6 brushes in a smaller version (for eye make up mostly).
The bristles seems to be strongly attached to the bamboo handles and so far I have no loss of bristles even though I haven't used all my brushes yet to comment on it.
Overall I am very happy with this buy, not only it was cheap, I also got a wide variety of brushes, the quality seems to be there and on top of that it's eco-friendly so what more do we wish for?
If you are interested by this set please click here.

What are you favourite brush brands? have you tried any cheap brushes before? Please comment on below.


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